6 Principles Singles Ladies Need To Have In Place To Attract Boaz!/Principle #6

Ladies we are finally on the last principle in “6 Principle Single Ladies Need To Have In Place To Attract Boaz.” I am going to write a bonus blog post for single ladies with children. I will release the bonus blog post this week, so single ladies with children be on the look out for your bonus blog post. Please click this link to read the previous blog post in this series.


Principle #6

The Power of Visualization

Why have I included visualization as a principle in this 6 part series? Because it is one of the main component in achieving all the other principles. So far, I have shared with you attitudes, behaviors, principles and the word of God on your ways of being. This whole series was about you being made whole. We established that God is the only one you can put your trust in, because he is the only one that is reliable and loves you unconditionally, plus he created you and knows you like no other.

We talked about changing your words so, you can change your life. We also talked about how your seeds are your thoughts and your words, and planting good seeds by thinking and speaking positive words over your life, will produce abundant crops and an amazing life.

We talked about having a positive mindset, verses a negative mindset. We talked about walking in forgiveness and love with others and yourself. We talked about being a woman of prayer and having standards and keeping it classy and not trashy. We talked about what it mean to have true confidence and falling in love with who God created you to be, and much more.

Now I want you to take it up a notch by actually seeing your new life right in front of you, by putting real time pictures of what that will actually look like for you.

In principle #1 and principle#2 we talked about finding your purpose and enjoying your own company. I advised you to go out and purchase a journal and write down things you love and want to do and start doing them, and places you want to visit and all of the things that yo u love. If you haven’t done that yet please do it, do not skip this part. You are creating your new life. What is that going to look like 5 years from now? Make sure you include your amazing husband sent from God.

If you have never had a vision for your life, you have one now!

Proverbs 29:18 – Where [there is] no vision, the people perish: but he that keepeth the law, happy [is] he.

No longer is your life going to be perishing away in unfulfillment and with out goals, dreams and a vision for where you want your life to go.

How are you going to keep the vision in front of you? I will tell you how you are going to keep the vision in front of you; you are getting ready to make it real to your mind and your sight by creating a Vision Board.


I want you to break your dreams, goals, vision, and purpose down by categories. I think you should have a vision for six important areas in your life because this is how you are going to bring balance in your life and find true fulfillment and happiness.


1. Relationships: Spouse, kids, friendship, family, Network, Mentors

2. Spirituality: Relationship with God, prayer, meditation, confessions,

3. Job/Purpose: Calling, life work, dream job, financial wealth

4. Health: exercise, eating healthy, grooming, me time

5. Desires: material objects, house, car, where you want to live

6. Leisure/Travel/Fun: place you want to visit, actives that excite you.

You can title your board whatever you want to, that is all up to you. This might be new to some people, so I will give you some ideas of what others have named their board. Some people call it a Vision, Dream, Inspiration, Faith, Prayer, Desire, and Breakthrough Board. I call mines a Faith Map.

A board is not the only thing people use to create what they want their new life to look like, but they are also creating a book of their dreams, mind movies and tech savvy individuals are creating vision boards online.
A book is a very structure way for you to focus on one category at a time. On the front cover of your book, you will title it for example, “Faith Board” then you will use a title for each category. For example, “RELATIONSHIPS” under relationships, you would create subtitle like “Marriage” then you are going to put pictures of what you want to see happen in this area of your life. Rather you want a better marriage with your spouse, or you want to get married. You are going to cut out pictures that resemble how you want your marriage to be or how you want your wedding to look.

The better your details, the better you can visualize it actually happening in your life. Don’t forget to add scriptures, confession, quotes, or inspirational saying to your page. You can also add real photos of yourself in place of someone else’s so you can see yourself in that light.
I have one major disclaimer; you can ONLY add photos of yourself if you want to get married. Do not add any pictures of a person that you think is your spouse and they have not agreed to marrying you. Do not add a photo of anyone you know or that you are in a relationship with. Your job is to believe God will give you your heart’s desire and that is to get married to a spouse after God’s own heart. The only will, you have control over is yours, and not another person. It is God’s plan that his will prevail in the end.


You can also use photo of your children only in a positive light, for example if you want a better relationship with your children, or you want true happiness or fulfillment for their life.

For “Vision Movies,” all you are going to do is find pictures that represent what you want your new life to look like for each category listed in the above paragraph. You can take your own photos or get the photos from online. You can also use photos of yourself with mind movies. All you need is a program that will allow you to crop, copy, and paste.

Some of the programs I know that work best for this, are programs like, Picture It and Photoshop, they can help you crop your head and place it on the idea body you want to achieve, or if you want to be married and like a particular wedding gown, you can put your face in place of it. You can use the text feature to write your favorite scripture, confession, or quote. Then you can upload the pictures to a slide and add your favorite inspirational music to it, and see yourself every day with your new life.

Last, creating a board online has become very popular. There are all kinds of websites that are encouraging people to join their online communities by creating a dream, purpose, goal, inspiration, and faith and vision boards. All you have to do is type in the topics that I have listed in the previous sentences and all kinds of sites will pull up. The site I use is call Pinterest.com. Pinterest is free to use and allows you to pin boards from their online communities to your board.

You can share your boards with your community or you can chose to keep it private. Pinterest has created a Pinterest pin that can take pictures from any sites that inspires you and pin it to your board. All you have to do is sign up for an account on Pinterest and download the Pinterest app to your computer, and go anywhere online that inspires you and collect your pictures and push your Pinterest symbol and pin it to your board it is so fun to do!

What people love about creating a board online, is that it eliminates the work and time involved in gathering the materials it actually take to create a board.
By the way, I have created my boards using all of the methods listed above.

The materials and tools you are going to need to create a physical board or book are, a pair of scissors, stick glue (because it is less messy), magazines, a big board or book (you can buy them at any Dollar Tree. For your book, I recommend buying a big construction paper book or a big skechers book at Walmart or Target). You need your personal pictures and the ones you get from your magazines, your favorite scriptures, quotes, and or confessions, markers, glitter, pens, gel pens, pencils and color pencils if your choose to get creative.

Since I started with making a Vision Board, I will end this chapter by showing you how to create your own very board and the best way to use your board for a faster manifestation.

Pick a day that you are not going to be interrupted. Turn off all electrical devices until you have finished creating your board. Remember this is all about you and creating your new life from changing your mindset, health, services to others (because that’s all purpose, calling, dream job is, serving others). Travel, me time etc.


Put on some inspirational music. Make a cup of tea and just dream and listen to your heart. Put things on your board that you feel like God is showing you for your new life. Put on your board some of the things you desire as well. There is a scripture in the Bible that reads,

Psalms 37:4 KJV that reads, Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Create your board in a clean and neat environment there is something about being in an organized space, it helps your thoughts to be clear.

Before you begin, gather all of your pictures. Cut out pictures from magazines that inspire you, or if you have a computer and a printer, find your pictures from online and print them off your computer. Before you gather your photos, title your board. After you have gathered all of your photos and inspirational sayings, (you can also just write your scriptures, quotes, inspirational sayings, and confession). Place them on your board before you glue them down, by the six categories listed for you in the previous paragraph.

This will help you to analyze your pictures and bring cohesiveness to your board. Feel free to use the back of your board as well, if you run out of space on the front of your board. After you have organized your board, you can glue your pictures down. If you want to get creative with your board by putting your personal touch to it, now is the time to do it.

To get the best use out of your board, place it in a place where you can see it upon waking up and going to bed. You want to look at your board at least twice a day. Take about 15 minutes when you wake up and before you go to bed to concentrate on your board.

Imagine what it would feel like to manifest your new life. Pretend that you are actually living your new life when you look at your board. This is where you use your visualization techniques. Do not just look at your board, visualize what is on your board, feel the feeling inside your body as you are pretending that you are living in your new life in the moment. Speak aloud your scriptures and confessions that is on your board.

Choose to show it to your family or those that you trust, or you can choose to show it to no one and keep it private. If you can talk about your board with a trusted dream partner, then talk about it as if you have already obtained it. Stay away from the doubting Thomas’s and the negative Nancy’s. Never come into agreement with anyone who is speaking opposite of what you believe God to manifest in your life. Pray over your board and ask God for guidance as you navigate to your new life. Ask him to give you his best in every situation.
Read books and look at testimonies online of others who have obtain their dreams in the areas you want to obtain yours; this will keep your faith engaged in your goals and dreams. When the spirit of truth prompt your heart to do something towards your goals take fast action!

Last, but not least, make sure you are staying in Faith. Believe this can actually happen for you. Never talk against the things you believe to happen for you on your board, by doubting. It will take longer to come or not come at all. Now get ready to see your life change, in 5 years you would not recognize your life.

I hope this blog post helps you to declare your season. I would love to hear from you, let me know how this blog post have helped you, and follow me on Instagram, Facebook and twitter.

Coach Angie!


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