A New Year, A New You! 2018

I have 2 questions for you. How are you going to end 2017? How are you going to begin 2018?We have only 2 days before the new year begins and it is not too late to close the chapter on the past and open a new chapter on your future.

In today’s blog, I am going to share with you some of the ways you can end 2017 strong, and begin 2018 with a brand new you.

You can’t undo the past but you can bring closure to it. How I like to end my year strong, is by first, acknowledging all the things that I have accomplished in my year. 

If you’ve written in your journal all year, then you’ve documented more than you know. You can look back through the pages of your journal and be amazed at all the things you’ve actually accomplished.I also take inventory of all the blessings God manifested for me. Almost everynight, I list 10 or more things that showed up for me in my day and show gratitude to God by thanking Him for providing for me.

I also have a place in my journal that I write my goals, dreams and anything I want to accomplish. I look over that list and I thank God for the goals and dreams that were fulfilled.

The goals and dreams that have not manifested yet, I write them down in my new journal. Just because they didn’t come to past this year doesn’t mean they won’t come to pass next year. 

I also evaluate my goal list and take off any goals and dreams I have a change of heart about. I evaluate why these goals and dreams have not come to pass and write out a plan for how I can accompmish them.I end the year strong by evaluating what things I’ve allowed to distract me. I write in my journal how I can avoid these distractions in the next year.

I look over my schedule and ask myself, if I need to let go of anything that is on my schedule. 

I then look inwardly and ask myself are there things in my heart that I need to clear out and let go, and are there any relationships that I need to weed out or cultivate. 

I write it all down. I then ask God for forgiveness. I ask God for forgiveness if I knowingly or unknowingly offended anyone. I ask God to touch and release me from anyone who is holding ought against me.  After I have cleansed my heart and mind, I say a prayer and a confession that goes something like this:

This year is over. I will not take old baggage into the new year. I will leave everything behind me. I now walk into a new season and I am not taking any negative emotions with me into my new year. I intentionally pay attention to what I want to manifest for me this year. My sins are forgiven, my past have been washed away.

I live with no regrets of the previous year. Everything will work together for my good as I enter into a new year. I walk into my new year with a new mindset, a new me, a new level, a new dimension, a new vision for my life and my family, new strategies, new dreams and new goals. God I ask you to bless my life and bless 2018. In Jesus name Amen. CLOSURE! 2017

Now it is an opening to a new door, a new chapter, a new season, a new year and a brand new you. You need a new journal for 2018. You should start journaling what life will look like for you in 2018. Write it all out in as much details as you see it in your minds eye.

What I write in my new journal for 2018 all my new goals, new dreams, new schedule, new vision, new strategies, new mindset, new image and a brand new me.

I then create a Vision Board with pictures, scriptures and confessions as a reminder to keep my vision, dreams and goals before my eyes. 

I thank God for answering my prayers and requests in advance, trusting and detaching myself from the outcome on how God wants to manifest it.

Now go ahead bring closure to 2017. Write new visions, goals and dreams for 2018. Walk into the 2018 a New Year, a New You.

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Coach Angie!



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My Name is Angela Ewharekuko, also known as Coach Angie. I am the Founder of No Boundaries Breakthrough Blog which was birth out of a desire to see women and girls have a relationship with God, own and walk in their authentic power, live in their brilliance, find their voice, connect to their genius, live on purpose, profit from their passion and live a happy and fulfilled life. Women it is time for you to arise! It is time for you to create the life you were destined to live. God created me to partner with him in helping women and girls recognize their brilliance. He wanted you to know that you can create an amazing, confident, happy and beautiful life. It doesn't matter what happened in your past, you can start right now creating a beautiful life for yourself. A life where you wake up happier everyday. A life where you are truly loving and enjoying your responsibilities as being a beautiful confident extraordinary woman, wife, mom, domestic diva, businesswoman, teacher and an influencer. But in order for you to create this beautiful life, You have to be your own advocate! There is a warrior aspect of being happy but you have got to fight for it! Let me help you to breakthrough to a happy beautiful life! I am a Christian, wife, a mother of 5 and I have 1 granddaughter. I talk about all things relating to women and girls. Some of the topics of discussions are; Breakthrough to a Better Life: self care, speaking life, people pleasing, working out, healthy eating, journaling, love list and more Breakthrough to a Bigger Dream: purpose, passion, visualization, vision boards, goals, abundance mindset, journaling, faith, belief, authenticity, networking, branding, fears, marketing, ask for the sale, discipline, Breakthrough to a Balanced Home: parenting, schedules, meals, clearing the clutter, cleaning routines, atmosphere, discipline, management system, vacations, chores and more. Breakthrough to a Peaceful Homeschool: curriculum, encouragement, schedules, removing clutter, field trips, co-ops, time management, multiple children, meals times, extra curriculum activities, room tour, organization, teaching style, your best homeschool tools, daily routines and more. Breakthrough to better marriage: love, unity, faithfulness, boundaries, communications, intruders, romance, date night, support, encourage, forgiveness, loyalty, respect, cherish and more. Breakthrough for the Unmarried Lady: purpose, focus, self-care, declare your season, sanctification, forgiveness, enjoy your company, toxic relationships, emotional baggage, love list, journaling, removing clutter and more.

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