10 Things You Can Do To Trust In The Process!

As I am sitting on my sofa thinking about what topic to blog about, all I hear in my spirit is,”Trust the process.”pexels-photo-819113.jpegI have a list of topics that I’ve written down to blog about but today I want to share with you on how to trust the process when you are going through something or believing God for something to manifest for you.

I am writing this blog post without any particular direction. I am going to just trust the process as the Holy Spirit leads me on what to share with you. I am excited and I know you are excited to read what is going to be revealed to us throughout this entire process.

In order for me to trust in the process that the Holy Spirit is going to download insightful information into my spirit, I first need to relax. I need to calm my mind down from thinking, worrying and being anxious. I need to fully and completely trust in the Holy Spirit.pexels-photo-758734 (1).jpegThen I need to surrender. I need to surrender all of my reasoning and keep myself in a relax state by not fretting. As I am writing right now, my body wants to take control and do something but I am telling my body to relax inwardly and trust the process.

I just exhaled. I am letting go of the tension in my body wanting to react and take control.

My daughter just walked into the room. She is a talker, and talks about everything. She likes to demand my attention. Usually when this happens, I get agitated because when I am in thinking mode, I don’t want to lose my train of thought but I told myself to calm down and just relax.

I just exhaled again. Breathing often is a major component in trusting in the process. My daughter started talking to me and I calmly just explained to her that mommy is writing a very important blog and I need you to be quiet and told her where to find her food if she was hungry, she politely said OK mommy.happiness-1866081_1920.jpgI just rotated my neck to release tension out of it and I heard my neck crack and then I exhaled again. I started laughing because my thoughts started talking to me saying the readers are going to be like get on with it already, enough! What is the Holy Spirit saying?

I am telling you (the reader) not to be anxious and have patience and trust the process. My daughter just talked again. I need to have patience with her and calm down.

I just told her again, very calmly, that mommy is writing a very important blog and if you are hungry go and get your food or go back and get in your bed. She gave me some chatter and decided to get back in her bed.

As I am writing, a thought is coming in my mind telling me the dialogue we’ve been having is THE PROCESS! This is the message for you and for me.    young-2880852_1920

In life, you may go through some things that will require you to trust God in the process. Your body and your mind will want to fight against staying calm by becoming anxious, worrying and trying to figure things out.

The more you try to control your situations the more anxious you will feel. You will need to tell your mind to relax and fully trust in God in that moment. Just like I had to surrender all of my reasoning, so should you. You will have to surrender and let it go! Shut down all of your thinking around that situation.

Distractions will come, just like my daughter walked into my room to talk to me while I was finishing up my blog. There will be thoughts, people and things trying to walk into your life to distract you from the process.indian-dance-599612_1920Negative chatter will want to constantly talk in your ears, trying to stop you from trusting in the process and loose focus but you will have to do what I did with my daughter and  calmly tell the negative chatter, people and things, I am working on something very important to me, go away and find someone else to mess with because right now I am trusting the process.

My daughter tried to infiltrate my space 4 times and each time I had to remind her of what I told her the first time.

You have to be tenacious in speaking back to negative chatter. You will have to call on your Heavenly Father to rebuke some thoughts, people and things.

In the process it is important that you keep your joy. Joy is a sign that you are relaxing. Laughter is medicine for your soul. Do you remember when I laughed in my process? In that moment I felt light in my heart, I felt joy. It was funny to me thinking about what you guys might be feeling.pexels-photo-446169 (1).jpegI said I would tell you to be patient, relax and just trust. Sometimes we want to know the answer right away or we want the process to be over fast. We feel like it is taking way too long for this situation to be over. But you are going to need to be patient because patience is having it’s perfect work in you and relax so the Holy Spirit can download insightful information into your spirit.

James 1:4-8 KJV But let patience have her perfect work, that ye may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing.

So let us recap!

10 Things You Can Do To Trust Your Process!

  1. Relax
  2. Calm your mind down from thinking, worrying and being anxious
  3. Fully and completely trust the Holy Spirit
  4. Surrender all reasoning
  5. Keep telling your mind and body to relax and trust the process
  6. Just breathe
  7. Tell all distractions and chatter in your ear to be quiet and go away. Call for back up (your Heavenly Father) if your chatter is not listening.
  8. Release any tension out of your neck and body
  9. Exhale and breathe
  10. Laugh, trust and be patient

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Coach Angie!





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