Being Obsessed Is Not A Bad Thing!

I know we look at being obsessed as a bad thing but in order for you to receive your deliverance and your breakthroughs in certain areas of your life, you have to become obsessed with changing  your mindset! Being obsessed is not a bad thing and can actually work to your advantage.

Obsessed means: the state of being obssessed with someone or something. An idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes on a person’s mind.

I remember when I struggled with bad habits, wrong mindsets and addictions that did not serve me for my highest good, and I knew if I did not get rid of them it would destroy my life but I encountered a chain breaker who showed me how to get set free from wrong mindsets, bad habits and addictions. I wrote a blog post about “5 Ways To Overcome Any Addiction” click here to read it if you are struggling with bad habits in your life.

In order to change in any area of your life that is not bearing good fruit, you have to do whatever it takes to destroy the mindset behind it.You have been obsessed with things that are keeping you from living a life full of breakthroughs and success. You have been obsessed with getting the same results in your life and wondering why you are feeling stuck and unfulfilled. You have been obsessed with addictions and habits that are keeping you from living a beautiful life. We are going to change this today!

What is holding you back from the beautiful life that you deserve?

What areas in your life are making you feel like a failure?

What areas in your life do you need a major overhaul?

What is keeping you from a excellent life?

What projects do you have at home or in your business that are left unfinished?

I wrote a quote in my Instagram page that said, “THIS COMING YEAR,  I WILL BECOME OBSESSED WITH WATERING MY GARDEN!”

I then wrote in the caption box that ” If thoughts and words are seeds then I will water my garden by thinking and speaking excellent words over my future. I didn’t incorporate EXCELLENT, I just inserted that right now. I realize how profound this quote is and why I needed to incorporate EXCELLENT because you can become obsessed with thinking and speaking the wrongs words over your life.

In order for anything to change in your life, you have to become obsessed with changing your mindset.

The mind is the battle field that incorporates change. It is in the mind that the enemy aims his fiery darts. It is in your mind where you must become obsessed with right and godly thoughts.

When I was delivered from a spirit of miscarriages, it was in my thoughts and my words where I needed to change. I had to become obsessed with speaking I am healed! I had to become obsessed with speaking back to the enemy of my thoughts trying to get me to cast away my confidence. When I was believing God to manifest a dream I had of having a son, I had to become obsessed with speaking back to everyone and everything that told me it’s girl.When I wanted to live for Jesus and stay holy in my body by not committing sexual sin, I had to become obsessed with doing it God’s way. I had to believe that God wanted good for my life as much as I wanted good for my own life and God completely delivered me out of my situation.

God wants us to fight to have an excellent spirit and change our lives. Sometimes we want to try and do it on our own but what helped me to overcome some of my most challenging mindsets was to read the word of God and find out his will for me, take Him at his word and believe that it is for my betterment. I had to fight against the temptation of going back to those unproductive mindsets, habits and addictions.

I still have to battle through unproductive mindsets but my aim is to live the best version of myself and to become excellent in everything I do. Yes, it is a high challenge to rise up to do but I will keep fighting and I will never give up until I receive my breakthroughs.

If that means putting a schedule in place that will cause me to have a productive day, disconnecting from things and people that will cause ineffective mindset to occur, not watching filthy behavior on social media and TV, fighting against wrong mindset and replacing them with a Godly mindset.

Yes I want to become obsessed with my relationship with God and listening to his voice on how I should compass my life. I want to end this blog with a man named Joseph who had an excellent spirit and became obsessed in pleasing God.

Genesis 39:2-20

Potiphar trusted Joseph and put him over everything he had and everything he owned except his wife. But Potiphar’s wife was lusting after Joseph.

Joseph was so well-built and handsome that Potiphar’s wife wanted to sleep with him but Joseph said, “No.” Potiphar’s wife kept trying to get Joseph to sleep with her but Joseph refused and did not wavier not one bit with his adamant no! Joseph got out of there and ran so fast from Potiphar’s wife that he left behind his cloak that Potiphar’s wife practically ripped off Josesph. Joseph said, “how can I do such a wicked thing against God.” Despite the injustice that Joseph had to suffered by ending up in prison, he had an excellent spirit and God saw his faithfulness.  Joseph first statement was “how can I do such a wicked thing against God” Joseph was obsessed with his relationship with God. He was obsessed with during the right thing in wanting to please God. He was obsessed with having an excellent spirit. He was obsessed with being loyal to God and loyal to his boss who entrusted him with everything he had owned but only one thing, his wife. He was obsessed with walking in integrity and honesty. He was obsessed with not wanting to please his flesh with temporary pleasure of sleeping with someone else’s wife that would’ve cost him to forfeit his eternal legacy, because of Joseph loyal heart, God made him ruler over saving his lineage. Joseph suffered a lot of injustice along the way but he was obsessed with keeping a forgiving heart. He was obsessed with honoring God. His trails and test were put there for a reason. Read the full story up top.

What are you willing to become obsessed with that will cause you to have a major breakthrough?

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Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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