Why Having A Family Mission Statement Is Important!

Do you have a misson statemement for your family?

We are taught to have a mission statement for our business and a mission statement for our churches but I also believe you should know your why for anything major that God has entrusted into your care.

I believe you should get a mission statement for your marriage, your family/home, and your life’s purpose.

After reading a book by Dr. Stacia Pierce called “Designing an Intentionally Successful Home,” I really saw the importance of creating a family mission statement and right away my husband and I created our mission statement for our family.

Here is our (The Ewharekuko’s) mission statement:

“With God first, our family is creating a unified, loving, beautiful, healthy, wealthy and joyful life.”

A mission statement should declare the why behind, why do we exsist? What is our purpose? What are our core values. What do we stand for? What is our aim or goal?

I believe in the power of the spoken word. Whatever you think and speak about your life, you will receive it.

Job 22: 28 KJV
Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy way

Proverb 18:21 Death and life are in the power of the tongue: and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof.

If you are single with children, single without children, married without children or married with children, you need a mission statement.

Bring your whole family and go over your mission statement together, that way everyone can be on the same page and is clear about the family’s mission.

It is also benefical to have a mission statement because when things, people and situations rises up that are not in alignment with your mission statement, you can cut it off or stop it from entering into your famliy.

When every person in your home knows the family’s mission statement, it creates accountability within your family and brings the family closer together.

pexels-photo-373530 (1).jpeg

You can really set the tone in your home and in your atmosphere when you a have a clearly defined mission statement.

Ladies since we are the influencers in our home, along side our husband, it really helps us to implement the health, beauty, peace and joy in our home.

Our mission statement can be a blueprint for how our homes are ran.

I know for me, I use minimalism as a tool to beautify my home. I like simplicity, luxury, wonderful aromas and things in order. I am constantly purging and decluttering because that is what I need for my space to look beautiful and feel organized. I feel overwhelmed with to much stuff that I am not using.

This process is not always easy with 4 children who are constantly busy around the house creating things.

As soon as you think you have decluttered to the max, you look up and wonder how is this stuff getting back into my space. So I have stay on top of it.

I would love to hear your family mission statement. Please write it in the comment section below. Subscribe to my Breakthrough Blog 4 Women and follow me on my social media links down below. Click here to follow me on Instagram.

Coach Angie!


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My Name is Angela Ewharekuko, also known as Coach Angie. I am the Founder of No Boundaries Breakthrough Blog which was birth out of a desire to see women and girls have a relationship with God, own and walk in their authentic power, live in their brilliance, find their voice, connect to their genius, live on purpose, profit from their passion and live a happy and fulfilled life. Women it is time for you to arise! It is time for you to create the life you were destined to live. God created me to partner with him in helping women and girls recognize their brilliance. He wanted you to know that you can create an amazing, confident, happy and beautiful life. It doesn't matter what happened in your past, you can start right now creating a beautiful life for yourself. A life where you wake up happier everyday. A life where you are truly loving and enjoying your responsibilities as being a beautiful confident extraordinary woman, wife, mom, domestic diva, businesswoman, teacher and an influencer. But in order for you to create this beautiful life, You have to be your own advocate! There is a warrior aspect of being happy but you have got to fight for it! Let me help you to breakthrough to a happy beautiful life! I am a Christian, wife, a mother of 5 and I have 1 granddaughter. I talk about all things relating to women and girls. Some of the topics of discussions are; Breakthrough to a Better Life: self care, speaking life, people pleasing, working out, healthy eating, journaling, love list and more Breakthrough to a Bigger Dream: purpose, passion, visualization, vision boards, goals, abundance mindset, journaling, faith, belief, authenticity, networking, branding, fears, marketing, ask for the sale, discipline, Breakthrough to a Balanced Home: parenting, schedules, meals, clearing the clutter, cleaning routines, atmosphere, discipline, management system, vacations, chores and more. Breakthrough to a Peaceful Homeschool: curriculum, encouragement, schedules, removing clutter, field trips, co-ops, time management, multiple children, meals times, extra curriculum activities, room tour, organization, teaching style, your best homeschool tools, daily routines and more. Breakthrough to better marriage: love, unity, faithfulness, boundaries, communications, intruders, romance, date night, support, encourage, forgiveness, loyalty, respect, cherish and more. Breakthrough for the Unmarried Lady: purpose, focus, self-care, declare your season, sanctification, forgiveness, enjoy your company, toxic relationships, emotional baggage, love list, journaling, removing clutter and more.

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