Why I Invested In A Style Coach!

One of my goals this year was to create a capsule wardobe. I felt like I needed to declutter, change and upgrade my wardrobe.

I said I was going to share with you in my previous blog post titled, “How I Declutter My Home For The New Year” on why I invested in a fashion and style coach. Click on this link, “The Brown Closet” to pay my style coach a visit.

I have a secret to tell, I ❤ thrifting! I love to find one of a kind pieces for my home decor, clothes and things to sell on-line.

I do have a few rules for thrifting, they are: It can’t be broken, chipped, torn, faded, have holes in it, smell, have marks or marker written on the inside tag. It must be new or in like new condition.

I am good with finding fashion pieces that I love but my challenge is putting whole outfits together.

I wanted to pair down my wardore into a capsule wardrobe. I looked at lots of youtube videos on how to do that. I fell in love with the 33 items rule. I tried to do it for myself but realized I wanted more than 33 items so I removed the 33 items rule and just label it a capsule wardrobe. If you want to know more about having a 33 items wardrobe, click the link below to visit the lady who actually started it. It is called Project 333.

Pinterest.com is a great way to find your fashion style. Pinterest allows you to create boards of things that you love e.g fashion, crafting, home, organizing, decor, cooking, baking and jewelry ect.

Pinterest is like google, it has it’s own search engine. You can look up anyone of those topics I just listed up top and it shows you all the things people have created under that topic. Pinterest created a pin button that allows you to pin your interest to your board.

When I am searching for things on Pinterest, I get excited like a kid in a candy store. Pinterest is a creative outlet that gets my ideas and juices flowing. I get inspired after searching Pinterest. I love Pinterest!

I created a fashion board on Pinterest and pinned outfits and pieces that I love and could wear more than one way. I know there are color trends that are popular for each season but I allow my intuition to lead me to my colors for the season. Although I want to stay current, I don’t get caught up in trends, I allow what I am attracted to and what I absolutely love be the driving force behind my fashion style.

After pinning my outfits to my board, I go back over my board to find common themes for example; colors, style and accessories. I now have a wardrobe with a defined style, colors shoes, handbags and accessories.

Check out my 2018 winter fall capsule wardrobe. All of the oufits that you see is what my style coach helped me to implement into my wardrobe. Here is my pinterest board.

So why did I need a style coach to help me bring my vision alive?

I knew what I wanted my style to look like by pinning my vision on my pinterest board. I ran into 2 major problems, I did not know how to execute my style vision and I needed to do all of this on a budget, as some of the styles that I pinned were very costly.

Shonte Brown is the founder of, The Brown Closet. I love that She is excellent at putting amazing outfits together for woman over 40 and still make them look current, fashionable and stylish. She does all of this on a budget! So I set an appointment with her and she came to me.

She listened to my concerns and saw my vision on my Pinterest board, she knew exactly what I wanted to achieve. She cleaned out my out dated clothes and came up with a plan to achieve my results within my budget and shopped for me.

This was a no brainer. She took the stress off of me when she said she would shop for me to execute my style vision. When I tell you that the results were phenomenal! She captured my style to the T. I was so impressed with the quality of clothes and the designers she were able to add to my capsule wardrobe.She did it all within my budget. What I love about my style coach is that she is no stranger to thrifting. She loves to shop designer new and designer like new secondhand. My style coach went above and beyond my expectation. I now feel confident, stylish and polished. I could have never achieved the results on my own. When you have someone that is gifted at what they do and love what they do, it will be effortless for them to achieve the results you are looking for. Just like you have to trust your doctor and beautician, you have to believe in and trust that your style coach will and can capture your fashion style.

Do you need to declutter your wardrobe? Do you need an updated look? Do you struggle with finding your fashion style? Do you get overwhelmed just thinking about going shopping for yourself? Maybe you should sign up for a Pinterest account and get to pinning some of your favorite fashion outfits and pieces. Consider investing in a style coach or pay The Brown Closet a visit.

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Coach Angie!


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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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