How I Build My Children’s Capsule Wardrobe Using Project 333

In a previous blog post titled “Why I Invested In A Style Coach” I talked about Project 333. Click the link to read more about it.

I use Project 333 for all my kids wardrobe except my 12 years old, because she is growing up and style is important to her right now.

But I definitely used it for my kids who ages are 7, 5 and 3.

I only give my children 33 items to wear in their wardrobe. I change their clothes out seasonally but the 33 items rule still apply.

I was getting tired of washing so many clothes. I wanted to do something different that would save me more time and help me to live with less.

When I discovered the 33 items rule, I fell in love with it. I really want to use Project 333 for myself. I am slowly working on getting my wardrobe down to 33 items.

I think my issue is, I love design, so when I see a pretty piece that I love, I want to incorporate it into my wardrobe. I am not the girl that live in the department stores and I don’t have to buy the latest fashion items, but when I see something that I love, I want to buy it. I don’t go over board with the buying either.

So how do I figure out what to include in my children’s 33 items wardrobe? I divide the number of items (33) by the number of categories (10).

My 3, 5 and 7 years old wardrobe consist of 10 categories. I divide 33 by 10 which gives each category 3.3 items.

I gave each category 3 items. 3 items times 10 categories equal 30 items that is assigned. I have 3 items that are left over.

I assigned those 3 items to categories that needs more items. Look down below to see how I assigned the items.

Here is where the fun part came in. I got to take from the catergories that did not need three items, and assign them to other catergories that needed more, like under garments.

In Project 333, the rules are a little different from mines. I wanted to cut down on laundry so I only incorporated 33 items in my kids entire wardrobe.

In Project 333 the creator allows you items like a wedding ring or another sentimental piece of jewelry that you never take off, underwear, sleep wear, in-home lounge wear, and workout clothing (you can only wear your workout clothing to workout) and you can have these items liberally.

Keep in mind that I assigned each category 3 items and the 3 that were left over, I assigned to under garments. I then went back and removed some items that did not need three items and assigned them to categories that needed more, and this is results down below.

Categories for Spring/Summer

  • Shoes (3) One pair of tennis shoes, sandals, dress shoes
  • Girls Bottoms (5) 3 pants and 2 shorts. Son Bottoms (7) 3 pants, 4 shorts
  • Girls dresses (3) Son suit (1)
  • Under garments (7)
  • Sweater (1)
  • Jackets (1)
  • Girls shirts (5) 2 long sleeves that roll up 3/4 quarter length and 3 short sleeve. Son shirts (7) 3 long sleeves and 4 short sleeve
  • Skirts (2)
  • Girls tights/socks (4) 1 pair of tights, 3 socks. Son socks (4) pair
  • Pajamas (2)

This is what I ended up with after moving items into different categories.

Exception to the rule, If we have a special event to go to that requires me to buy clothes for that event, I will buy it. Each child has a swim suit.

We wash laundry 6 days a week in my home so my children will always have a supply of clean clothes.

My 12, 7, and 5 years old daughters are learning to wash their own clothes. I will talk about my laundry system in a different blog post.

This is my process for deciding which items make it in my children’s 33 items wardrobe. I would love to hear from you, comment and subscribe to Breakthrough Blog 4 Women. Follow me on my social media links down below. Click here to follow me on Instagram.

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