Hello Beautiful, I am back after a long break and a lot of soul searching.

Have you ever felt off course and on course in your life, all at the same time? Then, after a lot of soul searching and divine revelations, a light bulb switches on. That is how I felt for the past 8 months.

I owe you ladies a video that I have been fighting to get to you. The video is called, ” Breakthrough Word for 2019 in Details” and since we are still in this year, I will be releasing this word to you. Be patient it’s coming!

Do you know what it feels like when something is calling you higher and deeper than what you are currently experiencing? I have been feeling like this lately.

I am ready to burst out to another dimension in terms of my spiritual life. I am not trying to sound deep, because the next dimension could mean having an excellent spirit in every area of your life. But I am ready to walk away from everything that is not conducive to my growth and my wellbeing. Some atmospheres maybe good, but not good for you.

When I looked up what “dimension” meant in reference to our spiritual life, this is the meaning I found.

Spiritual dimension is described and is interpreted as the need for: meaning, purpose and fulfillment in life; hope/will to live; belief and faith. As the spiritual dimension is important for the attainment of an overall sense of health, well-being and quality of life.

Everyday I am discovering my authentic self and realizing I have to be bold and courageous to walk into it regardless if others around me think I am making the best choice.

More and more I am becoming free with not giving a care how others think I should live my life. What I realize is, I am responsible for my own life, wellbeing and happiness.

I can’t wait for someone to recognize that I am drowning trying to stay in certain atmospheres that is not conducive to my overall wellbeing. I better save myself because I am the only one that knows what is going on inside of my heart.

Ladies we are accountable to no one but ourselves when our health and happiness is being effected. You can talk until you are blue in the face to be heard, hoping and wishing that someone comes along side you and see your greatest need and rescue you. You have got to rescue yourself!

No one knows your inner struggles more than you and the Heavenly Father, and guess what? No one cares about your wellbeing but the Heavenly Father.

You’re not even caring about yourself or you will make decisions that will put you in a better condition and mindset. You are the only one that have the power to set yourself free. You can not rely on others to do that for you. They say they care and understand, but do they really?

It is time ladies, for us to make decisions that will push our life forward. No one is doing anything to you. You have decided to live with the pain more than making a decision to flourish. Pain is not part of the process. You are in pain and will be in pain, until you decide, I will do whatever it takes to take care of myself, and sometimes that means making decisions that is not going to be Ok with others.

You no longer can use others as a crutch as to why you have decide not to grow and be well in your mind, body and spirit. If you left planet earth today, life for them will continue. So value your life while there is still breath in your body.

I am on a fantastic journey and in this season I am forced to grow beyond what I am comfortable with. Like an eagle, I must soar, leaving behind anything that will stunt my growth. It is both exciting and heart pounding, because I will charter new territories. I realize this is my season to grow, to be brave and courageous. This is my season to trust that the Heavenly Father is working everything out for my good. Ya’ll know God always give me a song to go with every revelation. “It’s Working” by William Murphy.

Will you grow with me? Will you do whatever it takes to take care of your body, mind and spirit. Will you push pass the excuses you give yourself to stay in the pain? Will you rescue your ownself? Will you be brave and courageous? Will you trust that God will work everything out for your good?

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See you in the next blog or maybe on Instagram! Just click the link down below to follow me on Instagram. Better yet, leave a comment, I would love to hear from you. Until next time, Stay Beautiful!

Coach Angie!

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My Name is Angela Ewharekuko, also known as Coach Angie. I am the Founder of No Boundaries Breakthrough Blog which was birth out of a desire to see women and girls have a relationship with God, own and walk in their authentic power, live in their brilliance, find their voice, connect to their genius, live on purpose, profit from their passion and live a happy and fulfilled life. Women it is time for you to arise! It is time for you to create the life you were destined to live. God created me to partner with him in helping women and girls recognize their brilliance. He wanted you to know that you can create an amazing, confident, happy and beautiful life. It doesn't matter what happened in your past, you can start right now creating a beautiful life for yourself. A life where you wake up happier everyday. A life where you are truly loving and enjoying your responsibilities as being a beautiful confident extraordinary woman, wife, mom, domestic diva, businesswoman, teacher and an influencer. But in order for you to create this beautiful life, You have to be your own advocate! There is a warrior aspect of being happy but you have got to fight for it! Let me help you to breakthrough to a happy beautiful life! I am a Christian, wife, a mother of 5 and I have 1 granddaughter. I talk about all things relating to women and girls. Some of the topics of discussions are; Breakthrough to a Better Life: self care, speaking life, people pleasing, working out, healthy eating, journaling, love list and more Breakthrough to a Bigger Dream: purpose, passion, visualization, vision boards, goals, abundance mindset, journaling, faith, belief, authenticity, networking, branding, fears, marketing, ask for the sale, discipline, Breakthrough to a Balanced Home: parenting, schedules, meals, clearing the clutter, cleaning routines, atmosphere, discipline, management system, vacations, chores and more. Breakthrough to a Peaceful Homeschool: curriculum, encouragement, schedules, removing clutter, field trips, co-ops, time management, multiple children, meals times, extra curriculum activities, room tour, organization, teaching style, your best homeschool tools, daily routines and more. Breakthrough to better marriage: love, unity, faithfulness, boundaries, communications, intruders, romance, date night, support, encourage, forgiveness, loyalty, respect, cherish and more. Breakthrough for the Unmarried Lady: purpose, focus, self-care, declare your season, sanctification, forgiveness, enjoy your company, toxic relationships, emotional baggage, love list, journaling, removing clutter and more.

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