How I Organize My Homeschoolers Daily Work Assignments.

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Today I want to share with you how I stay on top of organizing my homeschoolers daily assignments.

Homeschooling can be overwhelming if you are not staying on top of grading and filing your children’s assignments.

I know I feel super successful when I have a system in place to help me stay on top of all the chaos homeschooling can bring.

I love watching homeschool videos on Youtube and getting different ideas that will help me stay organized in my homeschool.

This filing system I got from some of the homeschool moms on YouTube and tweaked it to fit for my needs. I tried to keep my system extremely simple for myself.

First I will to share with you how I organize my homeschoolers curriculum, and then I will share with you how I assign their assignments.

To take a peek at our 2019-2020 curriculum picks for each child click here!

I use 2 things to keep their curriculum organized.

1. A white storage cart. That looks similar to this one.
My cart do not have wheels and my counter-top is white instead of wood. I purchased my storage cart from a garage sale for only 5 dollars.

2. My Buffet cabinet with drawers. That looks similar to this one.
My buffet have 3 draws and glass inserts on my doors. We homeschool at our kitchen table. That looks similar to this one.

OK side note: I purchased my dining set used from an estate sale for only 90 dollars.

It included the buffet server, 8 chairs and the dining room table. Not as nice as the pictures, but It was in great condition.

I don’t use my buffet server to put dinnerware or china inside of it. I use it to hold my homeschoolers supplies, books and my teacher keys.

My white storage cart have 4 baskets plus a smaller basket that houses each one of my homeschoolers curriculum.

My buffet server have 2 smaller cabinets where the doors are. There is a shelf that divides the top shelf from the bottom shelf, each child have their own shelf that houses their supply box, clip board, art paper and notebooks.

The 3 drawers houses my teacher keys and their What Your Child Needs To Know Books and lesson plans that I created that goes with those books.

Their supply boxes, I purchased from the Dollar Tree. They call them storage boxes, and they only sell them in different colors like lime green, blue, pink and orange when the public school system return to school after their summer break.

The Dollar Tree always carry the clear boxes with the white tops in stock year round as part of their inventory.

Each child has their own box in a different color. Inside of every box are pencils, erasers, glue sticks, scissors, crayons, rulers, counters for my younger homeschoolers and a geometry kit and pastels crayon for art for my 8th grader.

I keep my art supplies away from my younger homeschoolers in a cabinet they can’t get to.

How I assign their lessons?

Every time we homeschool which is about 4-5 days a week, I pull out all  their worksheets from their curriculum and staple them together.
Then I assign my 3rd, 2nd and Kindergartner their packet for the day.

My 8th grader is independent and is responsible for getting her own assignments but I assist all of them with their assignments.

I should prepare their packets weekly, it probably would be easier for me, but I just do it when ever we are homeschooling.

I keep Fridays open for our field trip day, but if we do not have a field trip then we are homeschooling.

When they are done with their packet I grade what needs to be graded, and look over it to see if they need to make correction. When they are done making corrections I put the packet inside a folder on top of the buffet server to be filed.

I have to be honest, things come up and life get busy, I will file the papers the same day or the next week. I try not to let 2 weeks go by without filing papers.

How I organize my homeschoolers daily assignments

I knew I wanted to use hanging file folders with the white metal hooks at the ends and I knew I wanted each child to have their own color.

I love going to thrift stores and I love going to garage sales. It is one of my favorite things to do in my past time.

One day I went to a garage sale and a man was selling a whole crate of hanging file folders and tab labels for 5 dollars. I quickly grabbed it and paid for it.

The file folders came in 4 different colors. Purple, blue, yellow and army Green, they all came from Office Depot. It was exactly what I needed!

The file folders was a little bigger than the letter size file folder and required a container bigger enough for the hanging file folder to clip on the edge of the container. I only had a very sturdy cardboard box that would fit my hanging file folders, so the box is what I used.

I assigned each child their own color.

My 8th grader have the army green file folders. Her subjects are: Algebra, Spelling, Writing, History, Science, Art, Grammar, Bible.

My 3rd grader have the purple file folders. Her subjects are: Mathematics, Spelling, Handwriting, Writing, Science, History, Art, Bible, Music.

My 2nd graders have the yellow file folders. Her subjects are: Mathematics, Spelling, Reading, Handwriting, Writing, Science, History, Art, Bible, Music.

My Kindergartener have the blue file folders. His Subjects are: Math, Phonics, Reading Handwriting, Art, Science, History, Bible, Music.

Each homeschooler have their subjects labeled at the top of their file folders and every day or sometimes every week I fill their file folders with  their completed work for their assigned subjects.

That sums up how I assign my homeschoolers their assignments and how I organize their school work.

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