How I’m Ending 2019, and Entering into 2020!

Hello Beautiful,

This will be my last blog post for 2019. So, before you start reading, go make you some tea or coffee because I am pouring my heart out in this blog and it’s going to be pretty lengthy.

I will share with you my word for 2020, my traditions on how I end my year strong, my minimalist journey, my homeschool up-dates, and the importance of self-care.

My Word For 2020

What I was hearing for 2020, is intentionally focus on your life.

There are so many things we give attention to that has nothing to do with our life goals or purpose and takes us away from the life God ordained for us to live.

Those things will seem important at the time but they are disguised as time stealers. They come to stop you from progressing in your life. What should’ve taken you 3 months to finish, has now taken you 2 year to complete.

Intentionality means the fact of being deliberate or purposeful. The quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) that consists in their being directed toward some object or state of affairs.

I will live with intentionality in all areas of my life. I will set goals and I will achieve them. I will be discipline to follow through on my goals. I will set time frames and schedules to complete my goals.

I will focus on looking, speaking and doing the right things to achieve my goals. I will intentionally put up boundaries to safe guard my dreams and goals. I will live a purposeful life. I will intentionally take care of myself.

I will intentionally love more. I will intentionally think more positive. I will intentionally live an abundant life. I will intentionally do all I can to live an intentional life and trust that God is working things out for my greater good.

How I Am Ending My 2019 Strong!

2019 was an amazing year for me. I am very grateful for all the blessings that came my way, and how God kept my family safe, healthy, provided and cared for.

But I was challenged in some areas in 2019, which help me to evaluate what I really want for my spiritual life and what I am cleansing from my mind and spirit.

Ladies, the blog posts I wrote in 2019 was about putting yourself in a better frame of mind and taken care of yourself. Here are some blog posts I will encourage you to read that will help you to take bold moves towards your self-care, putting yourself in a healthy frame of mind and making brave and bold decisions to live the life your were destined to live.

Why Have God Allowed You To Be Born?

Rescue Yourself!

Is Comformity Stopping You From Your Genius?

I am ending my year strong by decluttering my mind, body, spirit and environment.

I am doing a spiritual cleansing. I will soak myself in prayer, fellowship, communication, and worshipping the one who created me.

I will rid myself of toxic thoughts, people, things and environments.

I am bringing in the new year with a healthy body, mind, soul and spirit.

I will declutter and clean my entire house and fix anything that is broken.

I will make a new schedule for me and my entire family for 2020

I will create my Faith Map for 2020. If you want to know more about my Faith Map click here.

I will open up my heart and extend love to all, making sure my heart is full of forgiveness.

Last, I will close the door on an old year and bless my new year by prophesying the word the Lord over my entire family. Read my blog post “Breakthrough Word For 2019 In Details You Have What You See And Say”.

My Minimalist Journey

Ok, I got a confession to make. I am a consumer. There I said it. Now I feel the need to justify what kind of consumer I am. So I will. This is what keeping showing up in my spaces.

Things! Things like cheap dollar tree toys and cheaply made toys. Seriously this had to stop.

I had to stop my kids reward system using toys as a motivater to get them to complete their homeschool assignments on time and with a good attitude. It was becoming a big ordeal for us.

I would go to thrift stores, gargage sales, and The Dollar Tree to buy reward items. My kids can purchase the items from me when they earned reward bucks in our homeschool.

They had to complete their entire lessons for each day and when they did, they earned 3 reward bucks at the end of the day. If they did extra work, they can earn more reward bucks and when they were a good team player, they earned more reward bucks. I realized I was also teaching them to be consumers.

So I created a different reward system with my kids like playtime, screen time, playdates, park day and free time.

What else kept showing up in my space was papers. My kids love to draw, paint and write. I had to get a handle on it, because it was getting out of control.

We have a homeschool closet that stores all of my children toys and homeschool materials.

Why do they have to pull out all of the toys, along with my record keeping journals?

They love looking at their previous work from the last school year, but it overwhelms me because I have to make sure everything is back in its place. Their record keeping journals are also their record keeping profolio.

I decided that the best thing for me to do is get a lock on the door if I want to keep my sanity and if I am going to have an organized environment.

I do make them clean it up, but I am fussing the whole time I am making them do it. Read my blog post about Where Did All that Cutter Come From?

I did it again! Brought toys for Christmas and birthdays. I am a consumer. I need help. I said I would do things differently but guilt over took me. My kids won this time. I am intentionally doing things differently in 2020.

Birthdays with family only, plus one friend. Pick your favorite restaurant and one gift, that’s it.

Christmas for us in 2020 will look different. We will find a place to volunteer and serve either the homeless, nursing home or orphanage. We will join a caroling team who’s focus is singing about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

We will have a Christmas party with the focus being about why we truly celebrate Christmas, singing songs about the birth of Jesus and a gift exchange with family only. Each person will pull one name and give to only that person. Gift budget will be between 25-30 dollars.

This year I took my wardrobe down to a capsule wardrobe. Click this link to see how I accomplished that. I also declutterd my kids wardrobe, click here to read all about how I achieved their capsule wardrobe.

In 2020, I will be working on decluttering my pantry and going minimal in my food choices and making more healthy food choices for the entire family.

In 2020, I will be a better consumer, thinking about every purchase I make, and making sure I am not impluse buying. I will evalute if this is something I really need or would make my life easier.

This year my husband helped us switch over to using a fluoride free and more organic toothpaste and aluminum free deorderant.

In 2020, My goal is to use natural cleaning products that works, smell good and remove dirt, scuffs and oil.

Last, in 2020 my goal is to continue to monitor things that comes in my spaces and declutter often as my home needs it so life will be easier for my family and myself.

My Homeschool Updates

We will start back homeschooling around the 2nd week of January 2020.

I shared in a previous blog post about how we started our 2019/2020 curriculum choice off a little rocky but now it is smooth sailing. If you want to know more about my curriculum picks and changes for 2019-2020 school year click here.

I kinda love Christmas and New Year’s break, to me, it feels like you are catching your second wind to drive the school year to a close.

We are almost finish with our spelling, handwriting, language arts and phonics curriculum for my K5, 2nd, 3rd grader. Math will takes us to the end of our school year to complete.

Things we will be working in this quarter is, fluency in reading for my K5, and 2nd grader. Reading more books for all of my children.

Continuing to learn addition and subtraction math facts by memory, so we can learn our mulitplication facts by memory as well. I will be purchasing Multiplication Musical by the Good and the Beautiful.

We will be working on my 8th grader transcript and looking into schools for her to attend this year. My prayer is that she change her mind, but if she doesn’t we will be ready for the transition.

We will be working on writing book reports on historical figures, science experiments and art projects for all of them.

We will be putting them in one activity of their choice. Like playing an instrument, sports, art class or swimming.

Last, planning more fieldtrips locally and traveling to different states or countries.

The Importance of Self-Care

Ladies self-care is very important to our mental well-being. We have to take care of the temple that God blessed us with. Sometimes we give to everyone but ourselves. If we are not well in our body, mind, soul and spirit then how can we give out to others?

In 2020 self-care is important to your mental well being. Don’t forget about your self, you need to be taken care of. Practice saying no, not at this time.

Exercise, drink green tea with lemon, ginger, and honey. Take a spa bath, treat yourself to a pedicure and a manicure or do it yourself if you are on a budget. Meet with a friend and laugh, talk and have fun. .

Take a vacation by yourself or with a girlfriend. Go to a spiritual conference. Make an appointment with yourself, schedule on your calender alone time, as often as you need it. Read good books or listen to amazing life changing audio books, podcast or YouTube videos.

Take a class and learn something new. Write a book, start eating healthy and doing things that is going to put you in a happy state. Meditate, pray and talk to God throughout your days. Be your own advocate, fight for youself. When something doesn’t feel right to you, deal with it, or disconnect from it. Give yourself permission to be happy.

Keep up your appearance, get your hair done, apply lip balm or make up to your face or just be natural. Put on clothes that make you feel good when you wear them but remember to keep it modest.

Last, clear out all unforgiveness, bitterness, envy, jealousy and hate from your heart. Love yourself, every part of you. Let go of all negativity. Let go of past failures. Give yourself lots of grace. You want to know how to do that, read my blog post 4 Ways To Give Yourself Lots of Grace.

You matter, you are important too. Make yourself a priority so you can fulfill the great commission for your life.

This wraps up how I am ending 2019, to enter into 2020.

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