2 Mindsets That’s Keeping You From Living A Beautiful Life!

Hello Beautiful,

I am committed to bringing you quality blog posts that’s going to help you make decisions that will change your life.

My greatest desire is to help us bring peace, beauty and organization into our mental and physical spaces so we can live a beautiful life in God.

But that takes commitment and dedication. How committed are you to yourself? Do you feel you deserve to live a beautiful life? Do you feel worthy of living a beautiful life?

Can you make tough decisions that will eliminate clutter out of your mental and physical spaces.

It is easier said than done, especially when it comes down to making a decision that will put you in a better position, head space and environment.

This is when you really find out what you think about your life and yourself. When you fail to choose what’s best for yourself even when you know with all your heart this is the right decision to make.

I want to share with you 2 mindsets that is keeping you from living a beautiful life.

Mindset #1. A Scarcity Mindset

Sometimes we allow fear to control us. Fear is based in a scarcity mindset. Most of the world is controlled by a scarcity mindset. We all have parts of our lives that is controlled by this mindset.

You will see this mindset raise it’s ugly head when you think someone is going to beat you to something and take all the goodies.

What your saying is that there won’t be anything left for me. All of the best choices will be gone if I don’t act on this now. That’s what happening in this current pandemic.

So we buy as much as we can because if we don’t get it now. Someone else will. We have tons of things laying in our spaces that we will never use because of this mindset.

People are afraid to leave a company, a organization, a job and a relationship that is abusive, not supportive of them, does not line up with their values and they hate because they feel they won’t find anything that is better than what they are currently experiencing, or the person was manipulated and controlled by fear from those atmospheres and they are too afraid to do anything about it. So they stay.

People are trying to keep up with the Jones’s so they won’t feel left behind or out of the loop. Some competitive spirits comes from a scarcity mindset. They are always telling themselves I have to be the best. I have to stay on top. They will do anything to keep up with the Jones’s like going into major debt.

I have seen people who have everything but the moment they hear that someone else upgraded their life they get fearful that someone is out doing them or out shining them.

People with hold compliments, acknowledging your presence by acting like they don’t see your shine because of a scarcity mindset.

Scarity mindset says, “they might reject me and won’t love me if I don’t go along with this.”

“If I make this decision to let this go, I might not ever get it back.”

“I am going to keep it, even though I don’t need it.”

“If I step out on faith to make my dreams a reality, I might fail and loose everything and end up sleeping in a cardboard box.”

“I have to be better than you to feel important.”

A scarcity mindset is always based in fear. Do you want to know how to defeat a scarcity mindset? Do the opposite of what the scarcity mindset wants you to do and feel.

When you see everybody running to a sale. Run in the opposite direction. Take your time, relax and breathe no one can take what’s yours. Wait it out, even if you don’t get anything. Say to yourself, God always provides me with what I need.

Give out love, compliments and support when it is in your power to do so. When you see something beautiful acknowledge it with something positive to say. Be grateful for your blessing. Be content with what you have. Help others celebrate when they are achieving success in their life.

Let go of relationships, things and environments that are toxic to your well being to obtain something more beautiful. (Disclaimer: If it’s your marriage, fight to make it beautiful so you can to have healthy beautiful marriage. Seek professional counseling before making any moves)

Sometimes we let things linger in our life because we won’t deal with it, until you decide to do something about, it will rob you of your peace.

Mindset #2 A Procrastination Mindset

Procrastination is to intentionally put off something that needs to be done. You are simply putting off making a decision now.

Procrastination delays progress and forward movement. Procrastination is showing you what you’re really feeling about your life. Whatever you are constantly giving your attention to right now is more important than creating a beautiful life.

Procrastination is showing you that you,ve decided at this time in your life, that you are not worthy enough to pursue your dreams and live a beautiful life.

Whenever you are neglecting to make decisions about things that are cluttering up your physical and mental spaces, you are saying my life is not important. I am not important.

Sometimes we let things linger on in our life because we won’t deal with it, until you decide to deal with it, it will rob you of your peace and a beautiful life.

Do you want to defeat a procrastination mindset? Just make the best decisions for your life and implement it. Just do it! As Nike says.

Create a check list of all the things you need to make a decision about and things you need to remove out of your physical and mental spaces.

Start removing them out one at a time. It is not going to be easy but you must do it if you want to create a beautiful life.

You must decide to let go of items that are no longer serving you. You must decide that you want to feel good all the time. You must decide to put your spirit in atmospheres that is supportive, peaceful, loving and celebrated.

You deserve the best. You deserve to feel happy. You deserve to feel peaceful. You deserve to feel organized. You deserve to live a beautiful life in God.

That wraps up 2 Mindsets That’s Keeping You From Living a Beautiful Life.

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Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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  1. Hello Angie, I enjoyed reading the information you’ve shared. You’re always encouraging others to see the light and walk towards your dreams and goals in life. Reading this is what I needed to confirm my desire to move forward with pursuing my career goals. Thanks for encouraging women to be our best. Love you Sunshine ❤💥

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