10 Benefits of Creating a Capsule Wardrobe For Your Entire Family

I am excited to share with you how you can create a capsule wardrobe for your entire family.

The benefits of creating a capsule wardrobe for your entire family are:

  1. It will save time on getting dressed
  2. You will have less laundry to do.
  3. It will take the guest work out of what your wearing for the day.
  4. You will have less clutter
  5. Your closet will feel neat and organized
  6. It will bring calm to your entire family
  7. By not consuming it will save you money
  8. It will help your children feel more in control of their own wardrobe and they will become better stewards over their items
  9. You will appreciate your clothes more because you paired down to what you love.
  10. It will help to really define your style.

If you are a mom like me who is always trying to find ways to live more simply, enjoy every me time, and make your work load lighter then you would love implementing a capsule wardrobe for your family.

You don’t have to get rid of all your clothes to accomplish this. You just have to select clothing from your current wardrobe to create your capsule wardrobe and pack away your remainder clothes in a storage bin.

The reason why I suggested packing your remainder clothes away so you won’t be tempted to bring your clothes back into your capsule wardrobe.

Now if you become bored with your current capsule wardrobe, you can always go back to your stored clothes that you packed away and shop your wardrobe.

You can switch out old items for new items to add to your current capsule wardrobe, keeping it exciting, fresh and stylish.

But don’t get tempted to add items into your capsule wardrobe without swapping out old items. Stick with the same numbers of items you currently have in your capsule wardrobe.

I want your family to enjoy the benefits that comes along with living a simplified life.

I want to introduce you to different ways you can create a capsule wardrobe but first let’s define what a capsule wardrobe is.

I know a person who can help me explain this best, a youtuber name Jasmine Ty. Please click her link.

I love her channel. Her channel is all about fashion and creating minimalist , capsule wardrobe, modest wardrobe, simplifying your clothes and daily maintenance essentials. She loves creating modest outfits which is right up my alley. In her videos she explains what a capsule wardrobe is, and showcases different ways to wear your capsule wardrobe.

I’ve included several videos of ladies on youtube explaining and showing you different ways to create a capsule wardrobe, so just click the links down below.

1. Project 333 was created by Courtney Carver. In this video she explains why she created Project 333. She even give you a glimpse into her wardrobe.

2. Ten Items Capsule Wardrobe is explained very well by Jennifer Scott over at the Daily Connoisseur on YouTube. But I also loved how Jennifer gave her TEDx talk on this subject as well.

3. 10×10 capsule wardrobe In this video Jessica Harumi shares how she picks her items and how she created 10 outfits from her 10 items. It is very fun to watch her create her outfits

4. Minimalist or Simple Wardrobe is explained by Dawn at The Minimal Mom on her YouTube channel. I love Dawn content, she talks about living a simple minimalist lifestyle.

5. Kids Capsule Wardrobe explained by Angela Braniff. She explains how to create a kids capsule wardrobe. She has a YouTube called This Gathered Nest.

I love sharing how other ladies and moms are decluttering their lives and living more simply. It certainly helps you to live a beautiful life.

I hope you were inspired to create a capsule wardrobe for your family. I hope knowing the benefits are enough alone to motivate you to give it a try.

If you are going to consider a capsule wardrobe for your family, I would love to hear from you, leave a comment letting me know your process.

Until the next blog post Stay Beautiful!

Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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