The Importance of having a self-care routine

Hello Beautiful,

Self-care is important for your mental well-being. How can you pour back into your family, friends and tribe if your glass is empty.

I like to use the airplane analogy. Put on your oxygen mask first, before you put it on the child that’s sitting beside you.

Sounds a little selfish right? How are you going to help anyone if you are suffocating.

Self-care means: (from

1.The practice of taking action to preserve or improve one’s own health.

2.The practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

I know we’ve been taught;

God first, (this one is true for me)

I would like to debunk this truth. Because I didn’t see you anywhere on that list. You cannot give to others what you don’t have yourself.

Self-care helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with yourself so that you can be the best version of yourself for other people.

Everyone around you also benefits from you taking care of yourself.

Also, having a self-care routine leave you looking rested and slows the aging process down.

I would like to set a new standard;

God first

What will be your self-care routines? What will it take to make you feel taken care of so you can take care of the humans you’ve been entrusted with.

Write it in your self-care journal and then incorporate it on your schedule. Yes, put yourself on the calender and make YOU a priority.

So here is my self-care plan and routine that I’ve wrote it in my journal and scheduled on my calendar.

1. Prayer daily
2. Read my Bible/devotional daily
3. Saying my affirmations daily
4. Work out at least 30 min. 4-5 a week
5. Incorporate moments of silence daily
6. Rest/sleep daily and hotel stay alone twice a year.
7. Journaling and reading daily
8. Listening to inspiring music, podcast, audiobooks and YouTube videos daily
9. Practice daily gratitude
10. Take luxurious showers/spa baths daily
11. Drink plenty of water daily
12. Aromatherapy oils, roomspray/ candles
13. Eat healthy daily
14. Drink green tea with lemon daily
15. Occasionally drink coffee/ Frappuccino
16. Get my hair done 1 once a month
17. Pedicure/Manicure 1 once a month
18. Facials every week (done by me)
19. Getting myself dressed for the day with full on make up daily
20. Keep my eyebrows arched 1once or twice a month
21. Dates with hubby and friends, once a week with hubby, and once a month with friends
22. Get a massage often (I have a massage pad and neck massager)
23. Travel at least twice a year
24. Dentist and annually doctor visits 1-2 times a year.

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Until the next post, stay beautiful!

Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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