50 Things to declutter in your home each season

I think you should to declutter your  environment at least 4 times a year. It will keep the accumulation of things from taken over your home and help you to stay organized and enjoy homemaking.

You should consider decluttering a week before or after the new year which is in the winter time, spring time, summer time, and in the fall.

I believe every season brings new changes and new revelations. Plus, you accumulate things in each seasons. So getting rid of clutter is essential if you want homemaking and homeschooling to be easy for you.

Make it a habit to reflect over your life and goals in each season. Listen inwardly to hear if the Holy Spirit wants to reveal important information to you for the current season.

I also love changing out my fashion style with each new season as well. I always ask myself; “Is this item still working for you or do you need to get rid of it?”

There is something about each season that makes me want to hit the reset button and start all over again. I love having systems in place in my home and decluttering is one of the systems I use to keep things organized. It always make me feel like I have a new start and a new home.

I think each season should make you evaluate your life and homeschool. I think you should ask the questions is this working for my home and homeschool? If not; “Should I get rid if it and replace it with some different?”

You should also consider decluttering your schedule, your time and your focus so that you will have success where it really matters the most.

When you do your seasonal decluttering, there are items that can never take a back seat to be decluttered, because if these things are not monitored, they can get out of control.

I want to share 50 Items to declutter in your home each season.

50 items to declutter in your home each season.

These items are:

1. Papers
2. Clothes
3. Shoes
4. Toys
5. Homeschool materials
6. Books
7. Mail
8. Broken crayons
9. Pencils/pens
10. Beauty products
11. Toiletries
12. Expired food
13. Dried out markers
14. Missing socks
15. Empty bottles & containers
16. News paper
17. Trash and recycling items
19. Linen
20. Over accumulated grocery bags
21. Broken electronics
22. Unused curriculum
23. Your mind! Yes declutter unwanted thoughts
24. Jewelry
25. Books
26. Cords/wires
27. Pantry items
28. Broken Furniture
29. Dvds/Cds/videos
30. Email
31. Dishes/pots/pans
32. Mudroom accumulation
33. Tools
35. Craft supplies
36. Junk drawers
37. Schedules
38. Utensils
39. Memorabilia that no longer have meaning for you
40. Expired medicine
41. Cleaning supplies
42. Garage items
43. Photo box
44. Holiday & birthday decor/items
45. Movies/TV viewing that’s not wholesome.
46. Items Inside your purse
47. Accessories
48. Expired manuals
49. Items Inside your Car
50. Items Inside your Closets/ storage area

Some people never get rid of things in their environment and it just accumulates. The less you have in your environment, the less you have to clean and maintain the upkeep of it all. The less you have in your environment, the bigger your space feels.

Unless you have someone that comes in and clean your home, what I found out is that, moms are always trying to stay on top of the cleaning, laundry, cooking, schedules and trying to keep things orderly. A lot of times we moms get frustrated and overwhelmed because we are trying to maintain the upkeep of the things we are constantly bringing in our homes for our families.

It is exhausting cleaning up the same old things you just cleaned up 2 hours ago.

When I get disorganized, the things I instantly want to tackle are the dishes, paper, trash, clothes, shoes, toys, laundry and homeschool materials. I have to constantly stay on top of those items.

When I tackle my seasonal decluttering, I make sure to get every single detail. I clean out every cabinet, every closet, I get rid of any clothes that have stains, rips and are too small. I get rid of furniture that is broken and is not working for the space. I get rid of any appliances that are broken and dishes that are chipped. I get rid of shoes that are to little and worn out.

I declutter homeschool material and papers, I clean out every drawer, I declutter linen, I get rid of toys that my children have lost interest in and are broken. I declutter medicine, I declutter food that is in the cabinets and refrigerator that have expired. I declutter books and I wipe down and clean everything; walls, doors, ceiling fans, light fixtures, carpet, furniture and floors.

Sometimes we try to hold on to seasons that have come and is now gone and God wants to do something new with our lives. If we are too attached to things and if our identity is wrapped up in them, we can become stuck in a formal season.

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Until the next blog post, stay beautiful

Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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