15 Life Hacks to Help Make Homemaking Easy!

Hello Beautiful Homemakers and Homeschooling Mommas,

Homemaking can be a daunting task, especially if you have a lot of stuff to maintain.

If you are a homeschool mom, homemaking go hand in hand with homeschooling. Homeschooling is life. You can not separate the two. If your home is chaotic, it effects your homeschool. Clutter is fighting for your attention and is stealing time away from a successful homeschool day.

I know we like to have all the things like, the latest gadgets, all of the homeschool curriculums, the newest home decor, the trending toys, all the beauty products and the latest fashions.

Shopping can make us feel alive and gives us an adrenaline rush. We buy things to make our life easier, to make ourselves and our surroundings beautiful and to keep our lives entertained and free from boredom.

But no one ever talks about how we have to maintain all of this stuff. We buy and forget to edit, manage and maintain what comes in.

I think it’s ok to have a lot of things if you are willing to use your waking hours cleaning, organizing and managing all of your things or pay someone to do it for you.

You must be disciplined, organized, focused and have systems in place to help you keep up your things or it will over take your life and cause a lot of stress for you and your family.

The art of receiving is giving, and the art of bringing things in, is making sure things go out. Without that exchange of medium, you can cause overwhelm to yourself and your environment.

Eliminating things from your environment helps to make life easier for you and your family.

I want to give you 15 life hacks to make homemaking easy for you and your family.

15 Life Hacks to make homemaking easy.

1. Remove all of the top sheets from your beds.

It helps you and your kids to make your beds faster and neater. It also helps cut down on laundry.

2. Establish areas in your home where no toys are allowed.

Designate one area in your home for toys and call that the play area. My suggestion, eliminate all toys from the bedrooms. Eliminating toys from their rooms will help them keep their rooms tidy and make cleaning up their rooms easier.

3. Only design each room with what it needs to function properly and that’s it. No extras!

I do this for every room in my home. Only put what that room requires. My 2 girls share a room. They only have their full size beds with one flat sheet, one comforter and one pillow. Because their beds take up so much space in their room, they did not have room enough for a dresser. There is nothing on the floors not even a rug. There are pictures on the walls.

Their closet have shelves on the inside. They put their shoes, a small bin with their under garments in it, a book for reading, a journal and a pencil on their shelves.

One of my daughters loves music boxes, she has 2, she keep them on her shelf as well. There is nothing on the their closet floor. Their clothes are hung up in their closet and their brother have a dresser with 6 drawers in his room. They each get 2 drawers, they store the rest of their clothes in those 2 drawers.

So where do the design comes in? It comes in the furniture, wall color, beautiful hardwood floors, pictures on the wall, comforters and the light that shine through the window in the day. We have block out shades but no curtains.

It takes my girls less than 10 minutes to clean their room.

4. Keep all countertops clear with the exception of one decorative item, hand soap and air freshener. The countertops in the kitchen, only keep the things out you often use.

I only have one decorative item on each countertop in my bathrooms. I only have 1 flower vase, handsoap and air freshener on my countertops.

My kitchen countertops have a fruit wire basket for holding fruit, Keurig coffee maker and a bath and body works decorative candle holder because I love scented candles.

My dressers have one decorative vase or nothing on it. My nights stands have one lamp.

My dinning table is the only table that has a full on decorative table setting, because my daughter blessed me with it when we brought our house. It stays clean, the kids don’t touch it because they stay in the kitchen that house our big family table. I keep one flower vase on that table.

5. Upon entering your home, have a place where your kids can take off their shoes and hang up their jackets and coats before going entering into the main living quarters.

Preferably a mudroom or coat closet. This helps your children from taking off their coats, jackets and shoes and throwing them wherever they land. This also helps to keep your home neat and tidy.

6. Have a place to hang your keys.

This hook is usually by the door you enter and leave your home. Mounting a key holder is the best thing you can do for your family. Upon entering your home place your keys on the key hook. You will always know where to find your keys.

7. Declutter your clothes seasonally.

That’s 4 time a year where I live. This will cut down on laundry and help to eliminate excessive clutter. Try a capsule wardrobe for your entire family.

Check out my blog post telling you about 10 Benefits of Creating a Capsule Wardrobe For Your Entire Family

8. When homeschooling, clear the entire table and allow your children to work on one lesson at a time.

This will eliminate clutter, keep them organized, and help them to focus on one lesson at a time. When kids see all the lesson they have to complete it can be overwhelming for their mind.

I use to set out all my kids lessons but I realized they were more concern with how much work they had to do and it was distracting them from focusing.

I also noticed how messy the table would get and how my kids were looking for what lesson to do next or someone would take a book somewhere else, it just felt like confusion.

So I eliminated everything except the lesson they are working on. Now we get through our lessons much quicker.

9. Having meals together throughout the day will eliminate your children going in the refrigerator all day.

This can be really challenging because you are going to always have a kid who sneaks in the refrigerator and get food.

I know if your husband is working different hours it might be challenging to do this, but if you can keep the kids on a eating schedule, it can help you to maintain a clean kitchen. Try to have breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner, if possible, at the same time.

10. Have kid friendly zones in your home.

These are areas in your home that you allow the kids to freely hang out in. In my home that is the kitchen, their rooms, the backyard and our finished basement which is our second family room/recreation room. They have all the fun stuff in the basement.

My kids use to hang out in our family room because there is a TV in that room, and it is next to the kitchen. We stopped them from watching TV in the family room because they were not taking care of it. Now it stays clean. So when guest comes over I don’t have to rush to clean it.

Your kid friendly zones are the only thing you have to maintain on a daily bases. The rest of your home shouldn’t need much maintenance.

11. Washing a load of clothes a day will eliminate laundry build up.

Ok, take one day off but only one day. Make sure you put your clothes away after you fold them. To use the no fold method just separate everyone’s clothes in to their piles and call your kids to hang up their clothes if they can, or just place them in their drawers, it is just that simple!

12. Give each child their own big towel and hand towel for baths.

This keep excessive towels from being used and keep laundry from overflowing. My kids keep 1 towel and one hand towel in their room. After their baths I hang them up on a hook to dry in their closet. I allow my kids to keep their towels for 2 baths and then I wash them.

13. Wash dishes after every use.

I know you are tired after preparing everyone’s meals. Maybe you can assign that chore to a child that’s old enough to do it. Most home have dishwashers. Loading up the dishwasher will help the dishes from piling up and it will help you keep a tidy kitchen.

14. Prepare 2 weeks to 1 month worth of freezer meals for dinner.

It will help you take the guest work out of what’s for dinner, it will save you time cooking in the kitchen and it will make your life so much easier.

All you have to do is take your freezer meals out the night before and put it in the crockpot in the morning your dinner is done in 4 hours. If your meal is frozen it will take about 6 hours to cook. All you have to do is prepare the extra food that will make the main meal a success.

Want to give it a try? Give thefamilyfreezer.com a click. They have 17 Free Printable Freezer Meals Plans and Grocery Lists.

15. Set up a night routine and morning routine for your children.

This will allow everyone to do their chores before they come down for breakfast and tidy up before they go to bed. I don’t allow my kids to come down for breakfast until they do their morning routine.

Prayer, make their beds, tidy their room, brush their teeth, put on clean clothes and comb their hair. That is their mourning routine. Their night routine is helping me pick up around the house and in their rooms, take baths, brush their teeth, read and say their prayers.

Having these 15 life hacks has helped me to maintain my home and make homemaking easy.

Do you have any life hacks you love to share? I would love to hear how you make homemaking easy. Write them in the comments section.

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Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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