5 Tips For Homeschool Curriculum Completion and My Block Scheduling

Hello Beautiful Homeschool Mommas, It can feel very overwhelming when you have not reached your goal for completeing all of your homeschool curriculum. It also can make you feel like your behind.

I know I use to feel like I this, especially when I would hear a homeschool momma say she completed all of her homeschooler’s entire curriculum for the set school year.

I want to encourage your hearts, the public school doesn’t complete their entire curriculum either. As a seasoned homeschool mom, you learn not to get bent out of shape if you don’t complete your entire curriculum. You learn to celebrate your wins, because your homeschoolers will always be learning, and if it is something they missed, you better believe, it will come back around the next school year.

With that being said, I know it would feel really satisfying to complete your homeschooler’s entire curriculum for your homeschool year.

I want to share with you how I plan on completing my entire curriculum for my 2021-2022 homeschool year.

5 tips for homeschool completion and my block scheduling for the 2021-2022 homeschool year.

I shared in a previous blog post My 2021-2022 Homeschool Schedule and Plan To Meet My State Requirements. It gives a better insight into how I plan my homeschool days. Click the link to read it.

1. I pick my homeschoolers curriculums based off the hours that my state requires me to homeschool, which is only 1000 hours of instructional learning.

I buy curriculums that gives me 180 days or less to complete and I fill in the rest of the hours with pratice sheets, field trips, projects relating to the subjects, learning videos, reading a book about the subject and activities. Then I multiply 180 days × 6 hours per day, which = 1080 hours. This is more than enough hours to meet my state requirements.

For example, Their Daily Paragraph Editing has 176 pages, but the actual learning pages are 167 days. I don’t count the answer key in the back of the book and I don’t included the pages that explains how to use the book that comes in the beginning of the book. I only count actual learning pages.

2. I take each curriculum book that I brought for each child and calculate how many days it will take my homeschoolers to complete their books. How do you do that? I am glad you asked. I look at the numbers of actual learning pages inside of each curriculum book.

If the book pages are not enough to count as a full curriculum like my second grader’s visual arts section in his What Your Second Grader Needs to Know for Visual Art which is only 17 pages of learning. I slow it down by giving him bite size pieces and teaching him by paragraph instead of whole pages.

Then I create my own curriculum for the rest by incorporating painting art projects, field trips, books, YouTube videos and notebooking pages about topic we are studying.

3. I map out a start date and end date of when we should be done with our curriculum. I include an extra 2 weeks, just in case things come up and we can’t homeschool for the day. I allow that flexibility in my schedule because let’s face it homeschool mommas, things will come up. We are projected to finish all of our homeschool curriculums in 7 months.

4. The next thing I do is create our start and stop time for my homeschool days. I plan on starting school at 8:00am and ending at 2:00pm. That comes out to 6 hours per day, 6 days a week, leaving Saturdays for field trips, projects and make up work.

5. Lastly, I create our block scheduling to help me create a plan for our homeschool days. Our block schedule includes my homeschoolers subjects, lunch, gym and a snack. This school year I will schedule all of our appointments after 2:30pm.


Morning block 7:30am breakfast. 8am -11:30am school work, that’s 3 1/2 hours of learning. Lunch 11:30 -11:55 Lunch.

I will read the Bible to everyone during breakfast at 7:30am. 8am – 11:30am we will start our math, reading, writing, grammar, spelling and have a snack.

Afternoon block 12:00pm – 12-45pm Gym. They also take swimming lessons after school hours, 2 days a week, which counts as gym.

Early afternoon block 1pm-2pm history, science and a snack.

Saturday block 9am visual arts, music, make up work and field trips.

This wraps up 5 Tips For Homeschool Curriculum Completion and My Block Scheduling. I hope this give you some inspiration. You can totally finish out your entire curriculum if you buy curriculum to fit your state hours for homeschooling.

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Coach Angie!

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