10 Hidden Areas To Declutter In Your Home

Homeschool Mommas and Homemakers,

Do you have hidden clutter? You know those spaces in your homes only you can see and know about, those areas in your home you hope nosey people who come to visit, never open the doors to.

I want to reveal 10 hidden areas in your home that always needs to be decluttered and maintained on a weekly basis.

It will help you to feel more organized and stay on top of the clutter, and avoid any embarrassment when snoopers come by to visit and is secretly looking in your closed spaces.

10 Hidden Areas To Declutter In Your Home

1. The Pantry

The pantry is one of the most used spaces in your home. It is the space that the entire family uses at least 3-6 times a day. Useless you have a lock on your pantry door or you are the only one that goes in and out of it, it is going to get disorganized.

Why? Because every one in your family is not going to always put things back in its proper place or throw away empty boxes. This space needs to be decluttered and organized weekly.

It is also the space that your over night guests usually sees if you are offering them a snack or something to eat.

2. Underneath The Bathroom Cabinets,

What reason would someone have to look underneath your bathroom cabinets? Maybe that’s where you store your extra toilet paper, paper towel, curling irons, air fresher or hand soaps. I store tissue rolls, cleaning products and over stock toiletries underneath my bathroom cabinets.

Also, it can get real cluttered if you are buying new items and not removing empty bottles, products that’s expired and products that’s no longer working for you anymore. This is one of the spaces that can get neglected because it’s hidden.

You never know who needs to get tissue from underneath the bathroom cabinets so keep it decluttered and organized

3. Linen Closet

Yes, the linen closets in your home needs to be decluttered and organized on a weekly basis. This is the where we keep our towels, bedsheets, some toiletries item, and miscellaneous items.

It can be the hot spot for your family and overnight guest to look when they need to get fresh clean towels and linens, so maintaining its order is a must.

4. Kitchen Drawers

I think every home has a junk drawer. I make sure to declutter and organize my junk drawers on a weekly basis. Being a homeschool mom, I have to intentionally go through this area of my home because when we transition from homeschool to family life, sometimes I will store the kids work inside of my drawers until I can get to it, other things that finds their way into the junk drawers are mail, pencils, restaurant menus and miscellaneous item.

5. Medicine Cabinet

If you have a medicine cabinet, it needs to be decluttered and maintained on a weekly basis or it can get cluttered fast. Most people store their toothbrush and toothpaste inside of their medicine cabinet. Along with their daily vitamins, medicine, cologne and some toiletries.

When people are house hunting, the realtors said, one of the number one places that home buyers open is the medicine cabinets. That’s why they tell the sellers to remove all personal items from places like the medicine cabinets.

The other places that homebuyers looked in are the pantry, closets and storage areas. This is a place where your snooping guest look in as well. So give them a dose of neatness when their wondering eyes go peeping.

6. Closets

Your closet is the first place things get shoved into when unexpected guests arrives. It is also a space in your home that get used multiple times a day.

Our closet can get cluttered real fast. So decluttering the things in your closet is a must if you want to feel organized.

Especially if we are rushing and have to be somewhere at a certain time. We tell ourselves we will get to it when we come back.

This is one of the favorite spaces a snooper likes to look, in your closet. There is something about seeing a neat, clean, and organized closet, it tells alot about how you like to keep your things. Give them something to stimulate their eyes.

8. Mudroom/ Coat Closet

Since this is where you have your family and guest to hang their jackets, purse, coats or store their shoes (if you have a no shoes in the house policy), you might as well keep it decluttered and organized.

Yes, this space can definitely get cluttered real fast because if you have little ones and even the big ones, they can run in the house and throw their shoes and coats right on the floor instead of taking the time to hang it up.

9. Your Purse

I added your purse because it lives in your home and mommas, we carry our purse everywhere we go.

Some how clutter finds its way into our purses. We have to declutter them weekly or daily. While we are taught to keep our purse by our side at all times, we are constantly going in and out of our purses inviting lookers to see what’s in our purse. So keeping it clean, decluttered and organize helps us to easily find the things we need for daily living.

10. Homeschool Spaces/Closet

Let’s face it moms, sometimes homeschool life can take over our spaces. So we have to keep it decluttered or we will feel overwhelmed with school papers, writing tools, books and supplies.

I feel in alignment when my homeschool space is organized. I feel like my school days goes smoother when things are in its place. Give your snoopers nothing to talk about. Let them see all the beautiful learning tools you’ve purchased for homeschooler to thrive.

That wraps up 10 Hidden Areas To Declutter In Your Home

I hope this have motivated and inspired you to keep your home decluttered on a weekly basis, so if guest do pop up with out warning you can feel at ease knowing you’ve decluttered on a weekly and sometimes daily basis.

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Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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