My 10th Grader’s Curriculum Picks For The 2021-2022 Homeschool Year

While I posted about my 2nd, 4th and 5th graders curriculum picks for the 2021-2022 school year I was working on buying and gathering my 10th grader’s curriculum picks for the 2021-2022 homeschool year.

I have a confession to make. I was having issues with teaching high school the traditional way. I struggled with all of the boring textbook. I want my highschooler to have fun and enjoy what she is learning. I want to do high school totally different than all of the same curriculum that I am seeing online and on youtube. I don’t want to stay in the curriculum box that everyone is doing. I am creating a out of the box curriculum for my high schooler.

My main concern with high school is that all of the material changes to boring graphics, your basic black and white with no color and thousands of words on a page.

I know they are trying to prepare them for young adult life, college and higher levels of literature and comprehension but who said it has to be drudgery and boring. It is more than one way to learn information. It can be fun, and exciting, full of childlike color and wonder.

My second concern and question is, How is what my 10th grader learning now, going to benefit her life in the future? The tradition American curriculum has nothing to do with what my 10th grader wants do in her life. So I am creating her curriculums from scratch and tailoring her curriculum towards her interest, passions, gifting, and our culture.

I made a decision that I will not waste precious time teaching things to my homeschoolers that has nothing to do with who they are, where they come from and where their life’s path will take them.

So I am giving myself permission to break the rules since we have creative control over what we learn and how we get information inside our hearts and mind there will be no thick textbooks for us.

Another concern I had is that I want my 10th grader to feel all grown up. I know she will compare herself to her peers, I don’t ever want her to feel like her lesson don’t measure up. So I’ve included her in the decision making process, she left all the planning up to me.

My 10th Grader’s Curriculum Picks For 2021-2022 Homeschool Year

Math: Teaching Textbook online Algebra 2 4.0 We love teaching textbooks it is very affordable and the system does all of the teaching. It shows the student how to solve every problem if the student needs help. It is a tutoring and a self grading system as well. It keeps all of her work and grades in one place. All I have to do is print out her grades at the end of a semester and assign a letter grade.

P. E: Walking, bike ride, swimming

HealthMindfulness for Teens I like this mindfulnes book for my teen, but I did had to skip pages that didn’t line up with our morals.

First Aid Saftey American Red Cross

Mindfulnes Journal similar to this one.

Personal Finance: Dave Ramsey Foundations in Personal Finance: High School Edition for Self-Study for 9-12

What I love about Dave Ramsey is that he teaches the no debt principles. This is how I want my homeschoolers financial future to look like. I’ve tried looking at other personal finance curriculums but it did not line up with our morals. Dave Ramsey teaches the Biblical way for believers to manage their finances.

History: World History Ancient Queens of the World.

I created my own history curriculum for my 10th grader. I was over the slave history our curriculum books offers, I am no longer teaching from that lens. I wanted my homeschoolers to know the truth about their rich history, culture and ancestors and how we contributed to this world in a positive way. My daughter always wanted to do a unit study about Queens, so that is what I built our World History curriculum around. Ancient Queens around the world.

When you look up Queens of the World you are only greeted with European Queens. I wanted my homeschooler to know that Europeans were not the only ruling Queens of the world, but the rich continent of Africa and Asia also had ruling Queens and still have ruling Queens right now. I am so excited about this curriculum. It is full of rich history and information for my homeschooler. At the end of our unit study I plan on printing her works and finding in a book that we will sell at our Artist exhibit.

Science : Chemistry 101 How Chemistry Effects Our Everyday Products.

I created my own chemistry curriculum for my 10th grader. I wanted Chemistry to be meaningful for her and something she would enjoy learning. My 10th grader expressed to me that she wanted to create her own skin care line using natural ingredients.

What better way to study chemistry than by actually working with different chemicals to see how they would react on our skin and in the products we use everyday. We are making our own natural products, packaging them professionally, and then selling them at our end of the year artist exhibit.

Art Appreciation: African Art History

I decided to create my own Art Appreciation curriculum for my 10th grader. She have a gift for drawing sketches of fashion and girls.

My husband was born in Nigeria and I wanted her to really learn about her rich culture, so we are studying African Art History and creating a series of paintings and sketches of African fashion using real African materials to create the dresses and head wraps. She will also be creating a series of African painting and showcasing how the people of Africa carry baskets on their heads and its symbolic meaning.

At the end of her school year we will have an artist exhibit showcasing all of my homeschoolers projects they created for the 2021-2022 school year.

Foreign Language: French through All In One Easy Peasy Homeschool My 10th grader is taking a free beginners French speaking course through All In One Easy Peasy Homeschool. You can click the link to see how the classes will be taught.

English: Grammar and Language Workbook, Grade 10 (Glencoe Language Arts)  This is a full grammar curriculum.

There is so much literature in her History curriculum that my homeschooler will be getting a credit for Literature and History. She will be doing a lot of writing, essays, poetry, music, note-taking, vocabulary all through her history course. At the end of her course she we will publish a book on all the research and writing on Queens of the World.

That wraps ups My 10th Grader’s Curriculum Picks For 2021-2022 Homeschool Year.

I hope that my curriculum picks for my homeschooler inspire you to think outside of the box when picking curriculum for homeschoolers.

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