5 Ways Homeschool Moms and Homemakers Can Have a Winners Attitude!


I want to share with you 5 ways to have a winners attitude. Sometimes it might not feel like you are winning in a particular area in your life but that doesn’t negate the fact that you are a WINNER!

It is your birthright to win all the time. The winning I am referring to is not about competition.

The winning I am talking about is who you were created to be. Regardless of your situation, you are suppose to find your winning attitude in it. In life, it is not so much about losing or winning but about growing and learning.

So here are 5 winning questions and statements to ask yourself that will give you a winners attitudes.

1. Winners always ask what can I learn from this lesson?

You do not have to take what you are going through personal. Each situation we go through in life is there to teach us something. The scripture that comes to my mind is

James 1-8
My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work, that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing.

God even says you should count it all joy because this trial or situation is working patience in you and you can be complete, lacking nothing.

You know the saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Do not allow yourself to wallow in self-defeat, get up with a winners attitude and get out your journal and write down all the lessons you’ve learned from this situation.

2. Winners always ask how can I make it better for next time?

If ever there is a next time, ask yourself how can I do things differently? How can I improve on the lessons that I’ve learned. How can I have a better attitude? Research all the of the ways to improve a better outcome of this situations and began to implement it right away. Ask yourself how could I ‘ve been more present? How could I’ve taken care of myself better. What tools and strategies can I use to ensure a better outcome. Write it all in your journal.

3. Winners take ownership

Don’t play the blame game. We are good at pointing fingers at others. But ask yourself, what part did I play in the scheme of things? How did I contribute to the success or failure of this situation. Honesty is the only way we are going to grow. Take an honest evaluation and ask yourself did I really give my all? Where did I lack in building a strong foundation for this situation to prosper?

Sometimes it is hard for us to admit our part in the breakdown of things but when you refuse to look at your situation from a blame game perspective, then you can honestly see the truth of the matter, forgive and move on to something bigger with a new self image and a new out look on life.

4. Winners always stay in the positive!

Regardless of what has happened to you, always keep a positive outlook on life. Always see your glass half full rather than seeing it totally empty.

God said in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.

So why should you be thinking negative about your life or your situation?

Always talk of what you want to become, what you want to achieve, and always speak amazingly about your life.

That is how you manifest an amazing life. Keep hope alive. How do you think others turned their situations around. They had to keep a hopeful, positive attitude about their life.

5. Winners detach from all stigmas around their situations.

Winners say this is not who I am but only what I am going through. Say to yourself, I am not a failure. This situation does not define who I am. I am still the beautiful, smart, brilliant, and loving person God created me to be. This situation is not going to break me or keep me stuck in the past. We serve a great big God who doesn’t hold any failures or shortcomings over our heads. All He wants from our lives is for us to forgive ourselves, forgive others, and have faith for the impossible. If He did it before, surely He can do it again. Listen to Tye Tribbett song “If He Did It Before” for encouragement.

These are my 5 attitudes to have a winners attitude.

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Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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