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Hello I am Angela Ewharekuko, better known as Coach Angie! The Christian Breakthrough Coach for Women and Girls. I am a certified Christian Life Coach, Author, Speaker and Blogger.

I am a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ, a wife to Overere, a mom to Erica, Faith, Victoria, Blessing, Wisdom, a Gee Gee to Destine(grandchild), and a homeschooling mom. Just like some of you, I wear many hats and have a lot on my plate.

But I love the life that God has blessed me with. I have a beautiful life! A life where I can truly say, I am happy even with all the responsibilities I have on my plate. I want you to experience this same happiness. But first, I think you need to hear my story because my life has not always been this way.

Everybody has a story

And this is my story. All of my life, I wanted nothing more than to be unconditionally loved, happy, confident and secure. I think every woman at the core of her being wants to feel this way. Behind all of the masks we wear, I believe this is how we truly want to feel.

Every wrong decision I have ever made in my life was because of those needs I was trying to fulfill. When I gave my life to Jesus Christ, that is when the inner work began.

Before my walk with God, I’d mistaken love, happiness, confidence and security with relationships, people pleasing, keeping up with the Jones’s, sex, having a certain designer item, having a lot of money, being in certain circles, having a degree, fixing up the outside, being a certain size, having fame, being popular and beauty.


I am not oppose to having luxurious things like affluence, health, education, surrounding yourself around positive people and looking your best. I invite those things to come into my life with open arms. It is our birthright to have abundance. I do not have a poverty mindset.

What I am talking about here, is having a impoverished spirit. You are looking outside of yourself to give you validation, to help you to feel loved, happy and secured. See you could have all of those things I listed in the above paragraph right now, and still feel unfulfilled, unloved and like there is something that is missing in your life.

Abundance is all inclusive! Abundance is a life that is enriched spiritually, physically, mentally, and financially. I want to help you to breakthrough every mindset that is keeping you stuck from living a peaceful, happy and beautiful life!

I had place my dependency in these things because my perception was distorted. I was allowing the messages in my environment, media and my society to dictate to me that if I had those things in my life, it would bring me love, joy, fulfillment, security and happiness. Instead, all it did was lead me down a path of destruction, broken dreams, low-self esteem, rejection, abandonment, addictions, unworthiness, not feeling good enough, insecurities, people pleasing, pride and everything else that comes with these feeling.

Today I stand whole, delivered and set free,

Right now, I am experiencing a life of wholeness, confidence, love, joy, happiness, peace and abundance. I am living the life that I saw in my minds eye and it is unfolding for me everyday. I am purposing to create a beautiful life for myself by going after my dreams. Is everything perfect, no! But everything is beautiful! Because I’ve allowed God to show me what real abundance looks like. Abundance is a mindset.

My Mission

If we have not dealt with the impoverish spirit, we take that into every area of our lives. I want to show you how to change the inner dialogue that is telling you that you are not good enough. I want to help you to get set free from people pleasing. I want to help you feel elated and over joyed about all the responsibilities you have on your plate. I want to show you how to take care of yourself, so you can take care of your family and others that you have been given to influence in a amazing way.


I want to show you how to deal with everything that is fighting for your attention and causing you to feel like you have not accomplished anything in your day. I want to show you how to take your life back, your time back and your energy back from things, people and thoughts that no longer serve you for your highest good. I want to help you feel more in control of your life by helping you set schedules for yourself, family and dreams.

I want to show you how to manage, edit and remove the clutter out of your sacred spaces, like your mind and your environments. I want to help you find your voice, your tribe, and tap into your brilliance. I want to help you love all of your  wonderful qualities, gifting and genius that God signature created just for you. I want to help you have true confidence so you can believe in yourself and never have to compare and compete with anyone again. I want show you how to help and encourage your sisters who are walking in their brilliance and to continue to heal woman by not with holding the words that will compliment them, encouraged them and push them forward into their destiny.

When I was a little girl I use to fight a lot. I fought for myself and I fought for others. But now the fight in me has changed, I have partnered with God and now I am fighting for women to wake up everyday filling whole, loved, fulfilled, inspired, happy, confident and peaceful while handling all the responsibility that is on their plate. I am fighting for women to find their voice, their purpose, their passion and monetize from it. I am fighting to help women to recognize their brilliance, their uniqueness, their genius, and a beautiful life.
I would love to partner with you to help God’s daughter be made whole! I am now open for speaking engagements. To have me speak at your event, fill out the contact form below with your name, topic, date, time and location of your event.

Topics I speak on but are not limited to are Breakthrough for girls,