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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger.

She loves helping women breakthrough clutter in their mental and physical spaces for a peaceful, joyful, organized, authentic beautiful life in God.

Coach Angie is also God’s daughter, a wife to Overere, a homeschool mom to 5 children, a grandmother and a homemaker.

Thats’s why Coach Angie can relate to moms, especially homeschool moms, wives and homemakers. She knows that the struggles are real.

She knows how women can feel overwhelmed with all of the responsibilities that’s on their plate.

After much praying and seeking God for answers to make her own life beautiful and doing the hard work, and brave work, and being intentional with making her own life beautiful,

She knows what works to help women eliminate feelings of self-neglect, failure, overwhelm, anxiety, burn out, peoplepleasing, self-doubt, disorganization and feeling like you can’t handle your God ordained responsibilities.

Coach Angie is passionate about helping women create a beautiful life. Is everything perfect, no! But everything is beautiful!

The Mission

Coach Angie wants to help women change the inner dialogue that’s telling them that they are not good enough. She wants to help women to get set free from people pleasing.

She wants to help women feel elated and over joyed about all the responsibilities they have on your plate. She wants to show women how to take care of themselves, so they can take care of their family and others that they’ve been given to influence in a amazing way.

Coach Angie wants to show women how to deal with everything that is fighting for their attention and causing them to feel like they haven’t accomplished anything in thier day.

She wants to show women how to take their life back, their time back and their energy back from things, people and thoughts that no longer serve them for their highest good.

She wants to help women feel more in control of their life by helping them create schedules for themselves, family and dreams.

She wants to show women how to manage, edit and remove the clutter out of their sacred spaces, like their mind and their environments.

She wants to help women love all of their wonderful qualities, gifting and genius that God signature created just for them. She wants to help women have true confidence so they can believe in themselves and never have to compare and compete with anyone again.

Coach Angie have partnered with God and is fighting for his daughters to wake up everyday feeling beautiful, loved, fulfilled, authentic, joyful, confident, organized and peaceful while handling all the responsibilities that is on their plate.

She is fighting for women to find their voice, their purpose, their passion and monetize from it. She is fighting to help women to recognize their brilliance, their uniqueness, their genius, and a beautiful life.

She would love to collaborate with you to help God’s daughter be made whole.

Coach Angie is open for speaking engagements on all social media platforms, podcast, webinars and zoom. She is also open to guest posting and sponsorship,

To have Coach Angie as a guest speaker, guest posting or sponsorship at your event or blog, fill out the contact form below with your name, topic, date, time and location of your event.

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