5 Ways To Show Appreciation To Your Husband!

Appreciation has become a lost art in our society. People are expected to perform without receiving a simple thank you, great job, I appreciate your contribution to this company or to this family.

Some people walk around with a sense of entitlement. People are expecting others to bend over backwards for them because they hold titles of leader, employee, boss, husband and wife. People are leaving their jobs, marriages, children, families and their volunteer service because of a lack of appreciation. Even children are losing respect and appreciation for all that their parents have sacrificed for them.

I want to help wives show appreciation for their husband and restore honor back to the headship of their home.

Wives, our husband thrive off appreciation. A healthy, wholesome and godly husband lives to please his wife. He loves to see her happy and smiling. He will do what ever he can to see that smile on her face over and over again.

If you are comparing what you do, to what he does, in terms of taking care of the kids, upkeeping the home and providing for you and the family emotionally, physically and relationally, you might be disappointed in some areas and overjoyed in others.

If you allow the areas in your marriage that is not yielding a favorable return to get you discontented, you will find things to complain about or make you bitter towards your husband. But if you focus all of your attention, on all of the things that he does well and write a running list of all of your husband’s wonderful qualities and contribution to you and your family, you will have something to appreciate your husband for.

Your husband probably could be doing more to help you, but you probably could be doing more to help him as well, your husband is probably doing his best. You are not the only one who has a lot of responsibility on your plate, your husband has a lot of responsibility on his plate as well. If he is the sole provider of the family, then everything falls on him.

I ‘ve heard some women say, that is his job, he is suppose to provide for me. That is what he signed up for when he said I do. That is his God ordained responsibilty, those women have the entitlement syndrome. Your husband goes through a lot on his job trying to keep up with the demands of his company and is probably not getting appreciated enough on his job. If he get appreciated at home at least he can deal with the work load at work because he knows as soon as he step foot in the door, he is going to get celebrated and treated like a king.

I am going to give you 5 ways to show appreciation to your husband. When you start appreciating and honoring your husband, those things that you felt like he was not doing would dissappear. He might even start doing them because your appreciation for him would move him to want to do more for you!

Wives, this is only for your own husband! Not someone elses husband. 1Cornithians 7:2 Let Never the less, to avoid fornication let every man have his own wife, let every woman have her own husband

1. Just tell your husband you appreciate him! Just like you need to hear it, so does he. Men were once little boys. If you have a son, you know how your son did things to hear you say good job! I am so proud of you. Well, that need for approval doesn’t shut off because they grow into grown men. Some of our men never heard it from their parents or from others around them when they were little boys. Your husband, deep in his heart is doing things to hear you say that to him. So tell him often, when he take out the trash, cut the grass, take you out for dinner, provide for you and the children financially, fix something around the house and take your feelings into consideration. If you need help finding things to say to your husband click here, perhaps it’s been a long time since you gave him a heart felt appreciation and need a little help getting started or if you need more reasons to show appreciation to your husband, click the link above.

2. Say thank you often! Sometimes we can take the little things in our life for granted and forget to say thank you. Saying thank you is really showing gratitude for all the wonderful blessing in your life. I make it a priority to tell my husband thank you for every kind act I see him do. Like bringing up the clothes from the dryer or transfering the clothes from the wash to the dryer. I can take a “those are your clothes too approach, you should transfer them over to the dryer. I am not the only one in this house with dirty clothes,” but that would be petty. I appreciate everything my husband do to help make my work load a little lighter. The more I tell him thank you, the more he give me something to be thankful for. A principle I learned from my Heavenly Father.

3. Set aside a special day just for your husband and shower him with your love. Make days like this for him often. Serve him, and don’t let him lift a finger. He give out so much of himself to you and your children, to his responsibilities around the house, to his jobs, his volunteer service at church, to others who relays on him, like immediate family and friends. When people constantly give of themselves they need to be poured back into. Sometimes men just deal with the pressures of life and hold it all in, you might not ever hear your husband complain but what a big relief it would be for him, if you poured back into your husband by showing your appreciation. Buy him something special to show your apprecation, it could be as little as a card or as big as a bottle of expensive cologne. Give him a warm relaxing massage. If you can, get a babysitter to stay overnight, swoop him off to an over night stay at a luxurious hotel. Make him his favorite meal. You get the point.

4. Take some things off his plate. Run some of his errands for him, take out the trash for him, relieve him from some of his duties. Every once in a while. When you’re driving his car and see that his gas hand is almost on empty, fill up his gas tank. Make sure his lunch is prepared, packed and ready to go. I know some women already do this for their husband, but spice it up a bit and write him a note telling him how much you love and appreciate him and put it in his lunch bag, it will surely put a smile on his face. Clear your schedule and ask him, is there is anything you need me to do for you today? Tell him that you will be his personal secretary today and you are at his beckon call. Surprise him and just do it. Be like Ceilie on “The Color Purple”, when she handed Mister his tie, shirt and shoes, he will feel the appreciation and love from you.

5. Talk about how much you appreciate him in front of others a kind word goes along way. There is nothing better than for your husband to hear how much you appreciate him in front of others, especially in a culture where there is so much disrespect in marriages. Your husband is your king, treat him as such. Never speak bad or negative about your husband in front of others. In the Bible, Sarah called her husband Lord, that’s how much respect Sarah had for Abraham. Focus only on your husband’s good qualities and he will do the same for you. Men love to be respected and shown appreciation by their wives in public, nothing turns a man off more than to hear his wife talking negatively about him in front of others.

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Coach Angie!

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Angela Ewharekuko is also known as Coach Angie. She is a certified Christian life coach, author, speaker and blogger. She loves teaching Christian Homeschool Moms, Homemakers and Wives to dominate clutter and make Homeschooling and Homemaking easy.

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